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  1. Enrique

    Printer has a mind of its own

    Does anyone else have issues with HP DesignJet L26500 (Latex 260) not printing thin outlines, or not printing certain things? For example, when I'm printing something with a shadow, it will sometimes print the shadow in the wrong place, and offset the text (like the images) Sometimes if I am printing multiples of the same exact graphic, it will decide to not print a small piece of the graphic on a few of them, but not others. Any advice will be helpful! **using FlexiSign 19 and Flexi Program Manager 19**
  2. So far: Printed on paper, and used the pen tool. The only thing I did differently was add extra cut marks like the support site said, and it would have been a perfect cut. Now I'm going to try that print again with the extra cut marks. Thank you for the paper and pen tool advice! I don't know why I didn't think about that.
  3. I am using Flexi Program Manager 19. The Graphtec support page said to have the cut marks every 20" for larger jobs. I have yet to try that, but I'm too scared to waste more vinyl.
  4. I need help! My cutter is cutting offset, and I cannot figure out why!! It is ruining projects that I have already printed out three times because the printer wasn't printing correctly. I have not yet done a plot test. However, this has been a consistent problem for months. The last plot test I did was correct, and there was nothing wrong with it. The cutter cuts off sometimes worse than others, but almost always off on every single job I cut. I double checked all the settings before cutting this, and nothing was set to offset or anything. Can anyone give me any suggestions to fix this problem???? I'm wasting so much vinyl on a lot of jobs that get cut wrong. PLEASE HELP
  5. Enrique

    Graphtec FC8600 HELP!

    UPDATE: I just did the Offset Adjustment test. It was totally fine! I am still on the hunt to figure out what is going on.
  6. Enrique

    Graphtec FC8600 HELP!

    Yes, I did post about this yesterday. Today I discovered the horizontal vs. vertical issue so I figured I would repost it. I do not have any issues cutting anything directly from Flexi onto vinyl. I only have the problem when something is printed and THEN cut. I was looking into doing a calibration test, but the calibration sheet is the size of a regular piece of paper and our printer is 54"...so I try not to waste as much as I can. Can I print the calibration sheet with other things and do the test then?
  7. Enrique

    Graphtec FC8600 HELP!

    I have a recent issue occurring with my cutter. It seems that when I have multiples of the same graphic to cut, the cutter goes off more and more on each one. Does that make sense? So, say I have four graphics with letters to cut. I lined them up vertically and printed them. The first one at the top with be cut perfectly. The second one will be slightly off, then the third is even more off, and the fourth even more. It seems this issue is only happening when it has to cut vertically. I tried the same graphics, but lined up horizontally and it cut just fine. Can anyone give me any advice on what could be causing this issue? Any tips on how to solve this? Please and thank you!!!