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    Instant backup saved to one drive and all files saved to server. Nightly back ups of all my devices (including phones) to my Synology 12TB server. Monthly backups of server to cold storage drives and stored in my in-laws safe. Hard drives fail and I have had several completely fail for me.
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    Omg, this helped so much, solved a lot of issues, thank you so much! For the Graphtec Studio pro it looked very confusing that's why I was trying to use Graphtec Studio only, I just ran Graphtec Studio Pro and cutter works on that but it doesn't show up on the other software idk why. In the pro version, how do I change the roll media width when cutting, it's not letting me? Also is there any videos where i can learn how to use this software, because I can't seem to find tutorials on youtube
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    Not sure which she is using, But they say Graphtec Studio. Not Graphtec Pro Studio They are 2 different soft wares. Guess they need to say.
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    everything important to me fits in a 60gig thumb drive
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    Everything I have is backed up in real time to multiple places using a program called All-sync. I just added a 10TB external hard drive to the mix also.
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    I back mine up every month on the 1st. sometimes twice a month
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    Thanks arty. I lost my HD last winter on my mac (after 8 years). Luckily I had most everything except a few invoices for a couple months on a back up drive but it motivated me to step up my game so I have a double external redundant set running now and did a single on my wifes mac too. Costco had 5TB drives for like $89 or something silly so I bought us each one and I already had a 1TB hooked up to mine.
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    7 TB? I donna even have 1GB of files. SBE files are mostly what I generate, and they're fairly tiny.