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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AVtPgTEF08 I guess it's my fault for not doing some investigation before spending hard earned money.
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    Freehand 575BT mark-s
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    Not my best work, just quick and dirty but maybe it will help you out. Shadow.svg
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    This is why I stick with Epson printers look at all the printers I could purchase for 1200.
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    all I know for sure is that they were anticipating getting a newer version with that feature and perhaps they did. Best bet is to call and ask.
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    Hello and Welcome. You're getting a lot of good advise from everyone. About the only thing I can add is about my own experience. I bought a used Summa about 6 years ago off of ebay. I had a pretty good idea that I didn't want an economy cutter because one of the guys I worked with bought one and had nothing but trouble with it. That's what got me searching for a better one. When my cuter arrived I didn't have any vinyl so I headed to Home Depot for a roll of adhesive backed shelf paper. I used that to practice with until I could run up to the local vinyl and sign supplier. Once at the sign supplier I picked up my vinyl, squeegees and application tape. So what I'm getting at is to buy the best cutter you can with the budget you have. The vinyl, app tape and weeding tools you can pick up as you need them. Some of the weeding tools you might already have around the house, a pair of tweezers, some long pins and a credit card to use as a squeegee. Others have mentioned that you can download sign blazer for your cutting software. Hope this helps
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    The better way is to get an air compressor and sandblast cabinet. Do some searches, there are plenty of old threads with suggestions and information on etching in a cabinet.
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    Dog gone Bob, you did it again! That is some super work right there! Cal
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    Jay I mostly use paint mask with 180 AO and get plenty of depth with that. Here is a dragon that I did with 1/4" glass and edge lit with green leds
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    Thought of the original poster after posting this... http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/39403-ce6000-some-awesomeness-and-some-frustration/ If you dont have the Cutter Controller installed, it is a MUST have Even the Help menu in this little program is so much easier to follow. Go here http://www.graphtecamerica.com/support/ and download for the CE6000.
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    Hey Motoxchic, I'm glad to see another user with the same machine; the more users there are the easier it is to troubleshoot. The 6000 is definitely better than my PCut, but I know exactly what you mean about it being "different". There are a few things I was used to doing with my other machine that I am having to re-learn now. One example is that the pcut seemed to cut a much thicker line in the material than the CE6000; now I love how beautiful this new machine cuts... but sometimes it's hard to tell where my cut ended when i'm slicing a design off the plotter. I've messed up on two different occasions now. That line was so thick on the PCut I could see it every time, but I wouldn't trade that for the quality of cuts and easy weeding I go through now... it's just different. The plastic doesn't bug me as much anymore, especially since what I thought might have been more metal and rubber with the CE5000 was probably just the same type of plastic but I could never really tell due to the low quality images and video on the web... I just assumed that was a "more expensive" material than plastic. I am still a little shocked that the PCut at times feels more substantial than the 6000 but weight is the only place that machine might win out over the Graphtec. Really my only problem with the machine has been the roller bars. They are not as straight as I think they should be and make the vinyl wobble a little as I roll out or roll up material. I told the people at Graphtec about it and I need to follow up with them. As far as the manual... to be honest I didn't keep reading it like I should have. I read just the first couple of chapters, enough to get me going... but honestly once I tried cutting a couple of cuts and got it to cut Oracal 651 with condition 1 I stopped reading as much. I picked it back up and read a couple of chapters the other night but I didn't keep going. I have all intentions of setting up a couple of different conditions, one for 651, one for 631, just to fine tune things. But right now they both cut great on condition 1 out of the box and it's making me money so I didn't keep reading. And I just skipped the section on ARMS because I'm not using it anytime soon. It's also kind of a hard read... lots of supplement items all over the pages. You can just almost tell it was translated by someone that English is not their first language. And it wasn't designed very well to keep you interested if that makes sense. As for the software I pretty much opened it once and then shut it off. I've got 500 customer files in Illustrator and Flexi so it was going to take something AMAZING to get me to switch to something else and I didn't see it (but like I said, I did not give it a fair shot or read the instructions for it yet). I'll actually play around with it again some other time... but I knew Flexi from years ago working in a sign shop so I bought FlexiStarter and hope to upgrade to a more professional version of Flexi in the future. Thanks for the nice comments! Be sure to check out the thread for caster wheels for the CE6000. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow with any luck and I'll get some more pictures up. I'm also going to try a Clean Cut blade pretty soon.
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    Well I got home and I finished up the install and setup and will go over a few of my first reactions. Here is the completed stand. It took about 20 minutes to setup. And here's the completed cutter on the stand! You can see the PCut in the background. It doesn't matter at all but the Graphtec is two or three inches shorter than the PCut. I'm 6'4" so I wish it was taller, but this is probably a perfect size for everyone else. And here the back of the completed cutter and the one true "flaw" that I have found. The roller bars are not perfectly straight. Spinning vinyl on them is not very smooth. It's like a natural braking mechanism... I don't know if this is a flaw or standard but I know the PCut is more smooth than the graphtec due to its thicker bars. Everything feeds fine and straight, it's just an annoyance that this $1700 machines rollers don't beat a $400 dollar machines. So here are some very VERY initial assessments of the cutter. I'm only up to about page 70 of the manual so I have a lot to go over and learn. Setup with my Mac was ridiculously simple. I plugged it in via USB! No more keyspan! I haven't started using Cutting Master, I didn't like it when I started it up for 2 minutes this afternoon, but in fairness I haven't looked at the instruction manual so I'll leave thoughts on that later. It would be nice not to leave Illustrator just to jump into Flexi so I'm excited about the potential. Starting FlexiStarter, I set up the plotter using the CE-5000 driver (there wasn't any kind of driver on the disc that came), It worked like a champ. I love the poll size and the show me feature! It's going to be so nice to take out all the guess work of how much area you can work with and how much vinyl you're going to use so you can pre-unroll the material. I did some initial cuts... very small stuff. I cut a little biohazard decal that used to take around 1:30 to cut on the PCut, with default Condition 1 on the Graphtec it cut 3 in 1:05. Because of the poor cut and poor closing of gaps on the PCut it used to take me about 2 - 3 minutes to weed each biohazard. With the Graphtec it literally took about 5 - 10 seconds. I might be in heaven. So the only things I don't care for so far and I know it probably doesn't matter... but I was somewhat shocked by the amount of plastic used on the machine. It's good quality hard plastic, but I thought it would be more rubber and metal. I guess it will make parts easier to swap out if ever needed. Then the roller bars wobbling and not being straight. I might call Graphtec about it. It really seems like a mistake. The quietness of this thing is remarkable compared to the PCut when cutting! It's about as loud as a desktop printer (my wife says). The Graphtec fan is about as loud as the PCut fan... maybe a few decibles lower. I love that the fan doesn't stay on all the time on the Graphtec just making it even more quiet! Loading material also goes in way smoother than on the PCut. So far I'm really happy. I think condition 1 is perfect for Oracal 651 but I need to read more and play around to get the right conditions for 631. I'm also going to go get some casters for it. I don't move it often but I think it will be nicer than the plain legs.
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    I actually just ran home real quick from work when I saw that it had been delivered and had to come back to work before I could get any further. I'll post more shots later for anyone else interested when I get back home and finish the stand and setup.
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    I guess I need to change the thread to... Bought new CE6000-60! Anyway... I thought I would share a few images for those of you who enjoy unboxing shots and didn't figure I should start another thread. FedEx actually delivered to my neighbors house by mistake. It's okay though, they put it right in front of his garage instead of on the porch out of sight for the world. And they didn't ring his doorbell to tell him... I thought that was good of them. This is a shot of the bottom of the box. Graphtec needs to spring for an extra strip of tape on the bottom as this was held together by the tape inside the box holding down the accessories. Everything was taped down pretty well... I was surprised that all the (I don't know the actual name of it) black tray was plastic, I thought it was rubber. I don't think it makes a big deal, just surprised. The PCut almost feels a little more solid in this regard. I love the little shelf on top. Finally a place to store the pen attachment or a little media cutter. More of the plastic I was talking about. Isn't it rubber on the CE5000? This piece was actually out of alignment... I just had to lightly snap it back down into place. Probably happened during shipping. Here's all the accessories that came with it. The box with all the stand parts. Here's a shot of the new media brake system. It's not just a simple sliding back and forth... it's more of a lift and slide, might be a little more cumbersome than it's worth. I doubt I'll use it much anyway since I've used different plotters for over three years and never had a problem with unrolling. And finally a shot of the new machine.
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    Well I just purchased the CE6000-60! Should be here Wednesday! I too will give a brief overview of my experience going from a PCut to a Graphtec over the weekend after I've had some time to play. In other news... Graphtec America finally went live on their page this morning about the new cutters. http://www.graphtecamerica.com/ce6000series.html
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    There is no comparison. It's so much less noise first of all. If my p-cut is on just sitting not cutting the fan which does not go off on the p-cut I can't hear the ce6000 even when it is cutting. And it's only about 4ft further away from me then the p-cut. The fan on my copam and the ce6000 goes off when cutting is not being done. My p-cut is about 5 years old and has been a work horse. It has done so much more then my copam at double the price.about a year in the copam wouldn't even cut a foot long with out going so off kilter I couldn't use it. I have nothing bad to say about the p-cut being for $400 bucks it went 5 years and is still going less the the lcd has went out I'm gonna order and new lcd for it. It still cuts but I can't see to change settings on it.I take the p-cut on the road with me to shows. However I would not do that with the new graphtec. Any way I've only cut a few small items on the ce6000 so far. However first impressions I can see on my p-cut where the blade lifts and drops and doesn't fully cut it and you have to tug on it to pull the little peices out. I don't see this at all on the ce6000. Also the blade is much thinner on the ce6000 and cuts so much cleaner. I only ran 2 tests of setting blade and pressure I have some fine tuning to do yet. But it weeds so easy me and the wife couldn't belive how much of a difference there was in weeding between the 2 machines.. I also like that the ce6000 has presets you can set up for different types of media I think it's like 1 thru 8 and each holds in memory so I just hit number 1 and it has my pressure and speed setting for say Sign Vinyl. and present 2 has my settings for shirt vinyl. I really like that feature. There is alot I still need to learn about it features wise. Being 2 small cuts really impressed me that should tell you some thing. lol I'm trying to do the mod on the copam of adding longer screws on the pinch rollers to get it fixed and use able again. I really feel I was ripped off on the copam for what I paid for it and the work I got out of it. It's been sitting in a corner 2 years now collecting dust. I've got the new longer screws in the rollers now. I just need to run some tests and get the adjustment right and I think it will be good to go again. I hope lol crossing fingers. But for around $400 the p-cut is a beast! I'd buy another if I needed it. I would never buy another copam!!!! I have a friend that has a 11 year old ce1000-120 with a little tlc and it's still going strong. And he uses it every day at a busy Signs by tommorow and has no plans to replace it.