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Problem with sending PDF with marks to RIP

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Guest Sergiu

Hello, I'm using SignMaster v3. I have a design that I'm trying to send to RIP and print to plotter, but it prints the markers wrong and it's not readable. If the circle I'm trying to print and cut has markers at 15cm distance from each other, on the X axis they are at 15cm but on the Y axis they are at 12cm. The circle is printed correctly.

Things I've tried so far:
1. Reinstalling the software - no change
2. Trying JPG and TIFF formats - same thing
3. Print as PDF, saving as PDF through Microsoft PDF and then sending to print - didn't work.

If I choose print directly on a digital printer it works fine. But, when needed to be sent to rip, it doesn't. I'm using FlexiPrint for rip.

Scanned PDF.pdf


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I moved this to the Flexi section of the forms. If the image prints correctly when you send it to a "normal" printer but doesn't when you send it through FlexiPrint I would look at FlexiPrint as the problem.

Have you tried reinstalling FlexiPrint?

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