New to sublimation need help please

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Hi guys, 


I am new to this forum and sublimation. 


I'm attempting some sublimation on 20 oz skinny tumblers.  The equipment I'm using is as follows

sawgrass sg 500 

Jetcol dhs paper ( have tried many types ) 

Original sawgrass ink

amazon heat press  


When I press a tumbler I'm getting the wording looking like the ink has smudged. It's not a lot, but I'm a perfectionist and this really irritates me. 


I press the tumbler for 60 seconds at 375 F , rotate rot180 degrees and press for another 60 seconds. I use butcher block paper as a waste paper. 

I have tried peeling the paper hot and completely allowing it to cool before peeling . I seem to have better results allowing it to completely cool before removing paper.



I have tried lowering the pressure and increasing my pressure. The smudging appears better with a very low pressure . 


Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Look at the I in " I am" 


The I in " resilient " 20230124_223025.thumb.jpg.199ea77bbf6a89af188cbda3bfcbbf10.jpg



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By any chance did you touch it where this is happening? Maybe the oil of your fingers...It doesn't look like ghosting but I could be wrong. Also, change the temp and try a sleeve to hold the paper tightly around the tumbler.

I use A sub paper and I have had great results.

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Paper with ink has to remain tight until removed, if any gap the ink vapors will cause what you describe.   Remember the ink goes from solid on the paper to a vapor at a certain temp 

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