Trying to add setup for prismcut in flexi, can anyone help me, it does not have the option for it in the setup production manager

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I am trying to set up a prismcut cutter with flexi by sai, ive used flexi for years and never had an issue like this

there is not an option to add it when I go to add setup, the manufacturer isnt listed

has anyone else had t/his issue

is there a work around?

thank you 


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sherry, howya doin' ? Lots of us are indeed Frosty, too, with winter setting in.

Anyway, to your query.

What would you like for us to accomplish with this? You have Flexi software, you need Flexi software support.

Having said that --- nicely, with a smiley B) --- maybe the PrismCut machine is listed as SkyCut (the manufacturer)?

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You state "you have used Flexi for years"  More than likely your version of Flexi is too old for this current model of vinyl cutter. (This vinyl cutter brand has not been sold very long on UScutter.)  You don't state what version you have of Flexi software..  I have Flexi version 10, and this cutter model is not listed. Under Prism cut or Skycut.  SAI is not responsible to provide a driver for your older software.  UScutter provided you software to use with this vinyl cutter that you purchased.   We don't even know what driver the Prism cut is using.  You may get better luck just contacting UScutter tech support, and ask them about a driver that would work. Or possibly Skycut could provide you with a driver to install. From what I am seeing from their user manual the copyright is 2018-2020.  This company is very new.


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