Reusable Stencil Vinyl w/ Low Tack Adhesive

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I am looking for a 6-10 mil vinyl that has a low tack adhesive on one side. I would like to be able to use the stencil multiple times. I am spraying road cases and will be spraying a company logo on about 100 cases, as well as, contents on multiple side of the cases.

I am having trouble finding something that will work. I have tried the Oracal 631, which works great, but Is only good for one spray. I have also tried getting a thicker material and using a spray on adhesive but it is a mess and takes up time to clean the adhesive off of the surface.

Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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The problem with vinyl, is that it is a bit stretchy so I don't think you're going to have much luck. Maybe a static cling decal but I doubt that'd work after being covered in paint once or twice. I think you're only real option for reusable would be old school card stock stencils. That limits your design to something that is all connected though so you may have to rework the logo a little.

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For that quantity, you'll need to cut many stencils if you're hoping to stick with vinyl. You're better off looking for something thicker and more rigid that is not inclined to stretch. That's why stencil material that's sold in office supply stores and such, are made from thicker card stock.

I've make stencils out of foam core before, but that really only works if the graphic/text is large enough - which I don't think the contents of the roads cases might be.

Might be worth your time to find someone with a cnc or laser machine that can fab one for you out of some sort of rigid material like wood or acrylic.

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