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My name is Dave, I retired from my graphics business that I started in 1988, and ran until 2012. Vehicle graphics, windows, wall art, signs was our fun business. My plotter and supplies are in the shipping stream now. I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment over the years. I winter in southwest Florida, where I found a great job at a golf cart sales and service company. Last year, they bought an entry level plotter from US Cutter. I set it up and made names and graphics to customize golf carts. After using the plotter that only uses 9" of vinyl. Since it has worked flawlessly, I bought my own 25" with pro software. from US Cutter. Very reasonable....

 I  plan to do small side jobs at a price that doesn't muddy the water for companies. I used to hate companies that didn't know how to price good work.  "Net profit is not a dirty word "

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