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  1. vinylgraphicsfx

    scal pro 3 not responding when clicking union

    yea it lags alot how is scalp 4? and how much is the upgrade? scalp3 came with my cutter.
  2. anyone else having this problem? frustrating to say the least
  3. vinylgraphicsfx


    its for the name o nthe back of the boat! I put 651 on the lettering for license and it holds up well but this boat is for salt water
  4. vinylgraphicsfx


    does anyone recommend a specific vinyl for water application? customers asking about a graphic for a boat was wondering if standard vinyl would hold up?
  5. vinylgraphicsfx

    need help!!! looking for fancy vines!

    ow there pretty much the samething in other countries there called emperor wreaths
  6. vinylgraphicsfx

    need help!!! looking for fancy vines!

    looking for something like emperor leaves or something similar for a fancy style! pls help
  7. vinylgraphicsfx

    chrysler 300 rear window

    my concern is if I cut the sticker strait with no skewing at all is it gonna look strait on the window?
  8. vinylgraphicsfx

    chrysler 300 rear window

    Anyone done the rear window of this vehicle? did you have to do anything special because of the amount of arc this window has?
  9. vinylgraphicsfx

    how do you save your graphics?

    thanks Dakota!
  10. vinylgraphicsfx

    how do you save your graphics?

    to be viewable like an image? so far ive been creating in scalp ad just taking a picture of the screen with my phone.. I want it to be a little more professional looking?
  11. vinylgraphicsfx

    starting to get the hang of it!

    I actually use a level as a ruler to help make sure the lines I draw with a grease pen are straight. really does help and only takes an extra minute or two saves lots of work
  12. vinylgraphicsfx

    starting to get the hang of it!

    had my cutter for a little over a week and already have done a few jobs. im very happy with it! one thing I did learn was weeding small letters on 50 stickers is the pain in the ass part haha! this is just one of the jobs we have done so far.
  13. vinylgraphicsfx

    Printing media on vinyl

    So I got asked today by a long time friend.. if we do color printing on vinyl. the question is where do I start? I don't plan to do large ormat just a simple table top printer that will do average items?
  14. vinylgraphicsfx

    does anyone use grimco for supplies?

    yes joker they are here in Jacksonville on Phillips highway that's why I asked was looking for local.. and jaybird what are you using for supplier if they are more exspensive.. im new in the business and looking for ways to cut my cost
  15. and if you do how is there prices compared to uscutter? is worth going through the hassle to establish business with them?