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  1. AAndrews19

    Font ID please!

    Need to know both fonts on this image! Thanks!
  2. AAndrews19

    Bar Sign

    Did this sign for a local bar. It was an odd request at first because of how they wanted it mounted, but it ended up being a pretty cool idea. When the light reflects off of the bar top, the entire bar area looks really good. Details: 8' x 2' Aluminum frame (hand riveted) acrylic panel (polished edges for edge lighting) Edge lit with LEDs Oracal 8810 - Oracal 8810 is a b**** to work with in the warmer weather. I have had a hell of a time getting ANY tape to work with it.
  3. AAndrews19

    Best place for 2"x4" stickers on a roll

  4. AAndrews19

    Oracal 8810 frosted glass help

    Finally got my ht55 tape in, and applied wet with no major issues... but man is this stuff a PITA! Looks good though, will post a pic when I get a chance.
  5. AAndrews19

    My first flute sign..

    Looks like it could be centered a little better. That's all I really have to add.
  6. I have an install coming up at a local bar, using the frosted glass vinyl. I was playing around with it today and was having a lot of issues with air bubbles. I was applying dry, without any transfer tape. If anyone has any tips to help for a clean install, please let me know!
  7. AAndrews19

    trailer lettering

    "construction" needs a thicker stoke to separate it from the nail.
  8. AAndrews19

    Painted sign

  9. AAndrews19

    lighted sign repair

    Nice work man.
  10. AAndrews19

    First sign

    looks like the have a few flavors.
  11. AAndrews19


    Too much info being crammed into 1 design. At 10-20mph, the only thing that will probably get read is 'Laser' - "A&S" is too condensed and tough to make out at first glance. - "Creations" & "Let us service..." is too tough to read because blue on black just doesn't work. The white stroke helps, but needs to be heavier to help break it away from the black. - All of the extra white text is WAY too small. If you find yourself making things smaller to fit more and more... you have way too much going on. Simplify the details. Focus on portraying a memorable brand. I'm not telling you to go and spend a fortune on a logo design, but you need something that is going to MAKE someone want to slow down and grab the extra info. Do you want to fit in with all of the guys working out of their basements/ garages... or do you want to stand out? Don't take this as an attack on your design. Just trying to help.
  12. AAndrews19

    Need help IDing this font

    Nice, thanks mark. As for the kerning, this is part of a logo that was created by the bar owner's niece... which is probably the only details I need to give for you to know what to expect. lol
  13. AAndrews19

    Need help IDing this font

    I feel like I should know what this is, but I can't seem to figure this one out.
  14. AAndrews19

    First attempt: Coasters and Koozies

    Thanks guys. rlvied... I live 2 seconds from tanger and rockvale!
  15. AAndrews19

    Sublimation Printer Recommendations?

    Pretty satisfied with my richoh so far. I've only had it since Tuesday though!