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  1. SmallSigns

    SB with Titan plotter?

    I've been using SBE with a Titan II for several months and it works great - follow the link above to see my settings.
  2. SmallSigns

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    LOL - very funny slice --- it took me 24 years to learn that - now the only thing nagging me is SB
  3. SmallSigns

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    This is the strangest thing - I've been using SB for about 6 years with no issues and then tonight I get the nag screen! I guess I will install it again and see what happens.
  4. SmallSigns

    windows 8

    I'm using Win8.1 at first I hated it, then I installed the classic shell and now it works great --- It's a laptop - I don't need all those crappy Apps!!!! It also works great with SBE!!!!
  5. SmallSigns

    Titan 2

    I've been using mine for about 2 months now and LOVE IT!!!! I'm still using SBE for design and cutting with no issues. I just do part time cutting on the weekends and I have already paid this machine off, and the time and labor it has saved me is fantastic!!!!! I love the fact that I can cut right from my laptop through USB - no need for a seperate computer with a serial conncetor. My poor old Laser Point has not been turned on since I got this thing. Did I mention that I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!
  6. SmallSigns

    SignBlazer vs Sure Cuts A Lot Pro

    FYI - SB runs great on Win 8 and Win 8.1 Running it on my laptop with Win 8.1 driving a Titan 2 ---- the combo runs great toghether!!!
  7. SmallSigns

    Titan 2 Question

    It's because of BannerJohn that I ordered mine! If he says he loves it it's gotta be a good machine! By the way BannerJohn - stop being so shy - tell us what you really think
  8. SmallSigns

    Titan 2 Question

    I just got a Titan 2 a few weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! I upgraded from a 6 year old LaserPoint that had the same issues you are talking about. I managed to get it working with SignBlazer (which I love!) I have already made enough to pay for half of the Titan and I only do limited work on the weekends. the time I have saved in weeding has been tremendous and the face that it is a true USB connection is great. I'm running SignBlazer on Windows 8 and do everything from my laptop now - no need for a second computer with a serial connection. I say do it!!!! You will be so happy to have a real cutter.
  9. SmallSigns

    Pulled the trigger today

    the first thing I did was install the USB drivers for the titen2 and tested it with SCALP - once I knew that was working I started playing with settings in SB and this was the combo I came up with that started cutting. Sometimes I'd rather be lucky them good
  10. SmallSigns

    Pulled the trigger today

    Here is a screen shot of my settings I may need to do a bit of tweeking, but it is cutting Hope this helps
  11. SmallSigns

    SignBlazer and Titen 2

    After playing around for a bit I got SB working - I'm a happy camper!
  12. SmallSigns

    Pulled the trigger today

    Nevermind - I found the correct setting and now it's is working with SB!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
  13. SmallSigns

    Pulled the trigger today

    Got my machine today - it is SOoooooooooooooo quiet!!!!! Only problem is - I wish I could get it to work with SignBlazer! I'm not a fan of SCALP. I did all my designing and cutting from SB for the last 5 years - I really don't want to have to convert all my files and learn someting new.
  14. SmallSigns

    SignBlazer and Titen 2

    Anybody get SB to work with Titen 2 yet? I've been using SB for 5 years and really like it - would be a shame to have to recreate all my SB files.
  15. SmallSigns

    Pulled the trigger today

    I didn't get the $200 off, but tha's fine. I'm still waiting and checking the tracking info each day - getting excited - it's supposed to be here tomorrow, so guess what I'm doing this weekend.