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Found 5 results

  1. Hallo to all. Please help me. I have cutter EH-721 but I have no driver for it. Where can I find it? I connected plotter with my computer by USB cabel, but computer can't find driver. I show on printscreen. How can I fix it? I tried to instal this driver , but it doesn't work. The computer said that it isn't necessary driver. P.S. I am sorry for mistakes, I am from Ukraine.
  2. My cutter is cutting lines where they do not belong. It was to cut a rectangle next to a line of text, but instead, it is cutting an incomplete rectangle on top of the text. It is also cutting the letters of the text line too close to each other so the cuts are overlapping, and even changing the width of some of the ascenders. I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone give sage advice? -Michael
  3. hallo,guys I just bought a MH 721 , and I am trying to cut with the recommend it settings that UsCutter provide(100 press) but my machine won't cut. I had to set it to (170 press)to make the cut. Is that ok to use those settings? Or is something wrong with the cutter? Please help me out I am totally knew on this, just bought the machine to use it as a hobby with my kids. Thank you. I am using Sure Cuts alot pro and windows 7
  4. Hey guys, been awhile, almost 5 years actually. So previously I ran my MH-721 from my macbook osx10.5 from sign cut. WITHOUT a keyspan adapter. Well, I dropped that computer and it's donezo. I'm now using my friends exact same macbook. But it's been so long I have absolutely no clue what I did so many years ago to get it set up. ANY tips would be great, I've downloaded what I thought to be the correct drivers but I'm pretty sure I'm messing something. I do my fair share of searching for the answer rather than asking because i know the info is out there, but with work and moving and crap I've just had a hell of a time! Heres what I'm using and whats going on! Macbook OS.X 10.5 Sign Cut MH-721 Series cutter. I know alot of people use the keyspan, but I don't have one and somehow got it to work just fine by using just the USB cord the cutter came with. I'm confused as to what drivers I need downloaded/where to get them, I got some from uscutter and just nothing seems to be working. ANY tips as to what the exact ones I'd need for everything would be great, I'm not so technologically skilled with that kind of stuff. I've attached what my sign cut shows for settings. (The baud rate is set to 9600 on both cutter and signcut) ANY TIPS would be great, I'm just so damn confused now trying to remember what I did and what drivers and all that crap and nothings working so I am sure I'm missing something! THANK YOU!
  5. johnnybravo

    a few tweaks needed..

    hi guys, ive been using my refine-mh721 for nearly a year now and am generally happy with it, however, i need a few pointers to further enhance my cuts: 1: offset setting, i need the cutter to cut clean and not leave unjoined cuts, where is the offest setting/overcut setting? (im using coreldraw 12 to directly cut, but cannot find this offset setting) there is a 'bleed limit' in 'Print Options' > 'Layout' in the printer settings in corel 12, this is currently set to 0.125" - is this the offset?? 2: t-shirt vinyl gets caught up when the cutter moves to the furthest right position whilst cutting (close to the idle position of the cutting head) 3. anything over 3ft makes the cutter freeze up, whats the solution to this (ive been seperating cuts into smaller cuts for nearly a year to remedy this!) SETUP: Windows XP coreldraw 12 roland gx-500 pnc driver refine mh-721 cutter thanks for any help