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  1. Logo Sizes

    What sizes does everyone use for a full back logo on 2XL to 4XL sizes.. My logo is pretty square for the aspect ratio.
  2. Bogeys

    Im on the road and downloaded the mobile version of dind my font but cant seem to get a good match on this font..any ideas..
  3. What are these things called

    Thank you....
  4. What are the lines around the AND called.. and what is the long line on the bottom called....
  5. Cutting Issues

    Just cleaned the rollers that the carriage runs on.. ther was some debris in the tracks.. not sure if that was it..But i also did about 5 test cut to get the blade just scoring the backing paper...seems that it might have been a user error after all.. thank you all for the help....
  6. Cutting Issues

    ill look at it tonight.. Thank you
  7. Blade Holder

    any idea where to find the specs on my blade holder besides measuring it myself
  8. Cutting Issues

    I have torn apart the blade holder and made sure there was no debris in the holder and rechecked the blade depth. Everything seems to look fine
  9. Blade Holder

    Has anyone ever ordered a blade holder for the MH871-MK2 off of ebay and are happy with it? I need to troubleshoot my cutter and see it my blade holder is worn. They are $30 from uscutter
  10. Cutting Issues

    I used the Pen adapter this morning and it came out perfect.. so my guess is either the blade offset is way off or there is something wrong with the blade holder..
  11. Cutting Issues

    Blade spins freely and ive installed a brand new blade..
  12. Cutting Issues

    Ive cut about 100 of this same decal before on the same cutter. Now im having issue with them. ive messed with the offset and overcut setting and still get the same results. Any ideas? material is 751
  13. Which script font?

    Thank you sir....
  14. Which script font?

    anyone know what the name of the script font is?
  15. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    That will work for the number...thank you