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  1. The Fighting Fours

    Can someone ID this font...I came up with CRU-chonticha-handwritten but the "t so not right"
  2. Banner

    it has to pretty close.. trying to redo a logo for the customer to match what they had.. I will take a look.. Thanks..
  3. Banner

    Has anyone seen this banner that is traceable and useable?
  4. What would you charge for this store?

    FlaBoy.. Did you get the job for $600
  5. I created a color swatch for AI.. Take it if you need it..These colors are based off of the Hex Values that were given to me by Siser. Siser EasyWeed.ai Siser EasyWeed.ase
  6. Photo Shop Help

    Thank you Sue2
  7. Photo Shop Help

    How can i get the dog photo shopped from the background. I need to get the dog by itself. im not to familiar with Photoshop.
  8. 2nd Amendment Logo

    Can anyone tell me if the 2nd Amendment logo that we are a ll familiar with is copyrighted or not.. I've googled it but cant seem to get an answer.
  9. 1" Black Reflective

    MB..im not a fan of nikkalite...but thank you... Skeeter..i like that the material is 3M. I need about 175 feet..so that will work for me..great link..thank you..
  10. 1" Black Reflective

    Has anyone purchased 1" wide black reflective vinyl.. If so where did you buy it
  11. Is the "C" custom

    Thank you .. that worked great...
  12. found some at amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Moore-Plastic-Coroplast-Hanger-Pack/dp/B004DQUD4A
  13. Does anyone have something like this to hang a 4'x8' sheet of corrugated plastic? looking for 5pc but will buy 10pc.. just dont need 100pcs
  14. Is the "C" custom

    Thank you....would still like to know if there is a font like that for the future. I will keep digging...