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  1. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    That will work for the number...thank you
  2. Font Help.. Maxim 56

    Can anyone help me with these two fonts..
  3. Decals for Aircraft

    have you used this stuff before? I use that trick all the time with layering...
  4. Decals for Aircraft

    These are for a flight group and are just their logo that will fo on the wings...one vendor said that do alot for piper aircraft and they use 3m 220...
  5. Decals for Aircraft

    yes tooler82 you have been helpful.. Have you ever used any one of these products in the past...
  6. Decals for Aircraft

    Thank you... Now what about material...i see 3M makes aircraft vinyl.. has anyone installed decals on aircraft before..
  7. Decals for Aircraft

    Does any one know if there is a spec on what kind of vinyl and what the size of the identification numbers need to be for aircraft?
  8. BULLDOG font

    Yes that will work.. Thank you mb20music.
  9. BULLDOG font

    Trying to find the font name of the BULLDOG. I know that the outline and details are added after.
  10. PNC-1000

    Does anyone have specs on the Roland Camm-1 PNC-1000..or is it even worth talking about since it is an old cutter..
  11. The Fighting Fours

    Can someone ID this font...I came up with CRU-chonticha-handwritten but the "t so not right"
  12. Banner

    it has to pretty close.. trying to redo a logo for the customer to match what they had.. I will take a look.. Thanks..
  13. Banner

    Has anyone seen this banner that is traceable and useable?
  14. What would you charge for this store?

    FlaBoy.. Did you get the job for $600
  15. I created a color swatch for AI.. Take it if you need it..These colors are based off of the Hex Values that were given to me by Siser. Siser EasyWeed.ai Siser EasyWeed.ase