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  1. Logo Sizes

    3x7 X 3x7 for the back of a shirt, on a 2-4xl? seems a little small to me
  2. Crinkled htv

    If it is wicking type material you may want to peel cold
  3. THis please

    Eden Mills
  4. THis please

    This please, I know I've seen it before. Thanks
  5. flexi issues

  6. Time for a new laptop

    Sounds like the first thing you should do is to back your files, fonts included
  7. pressure washer wand

    Take that picture you posted, and trace it
  8. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I always tell our customers to wait 2 days before washing
  9. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    If, in fact it is Siser, then no, use the same time & temp, but it sure looks like it to me. Where did you buy the shirts from? Did you pre-wash them? were they brought in by the customer?
  10. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    Siser e-z weed green florescent has a white(ish) light green back like you have displayed
  11. Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    That i will agree, I prefer to cut out of Flexi myself, but I do use Cut Master through Corel an awful lot also. On other forums i'm on people are struggling with Graphtec Pro Studio, but I found it much easier to use (I started with Flexi) when I started out. now I use Corel Draw most of the time
  12. Problem cutting with CorelDraw 2017

    Maybe all his/her files are in CDR format?
  13. This stencil font

    Back at ya x2
  14. This stencil font

    This stencil font or a font that i can modify to make a stencil. Thanks
  15. This stencil font

    Thanks Mark, the customer ended up sending me a vector
  16. If i was doing 70 shirts front & back two colors i'd get a transfer made, and be done with the job in a couple of hours
  17. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    I think I was thinking about clear transfer tape, I guess
  18. Problem with flexi can't enter characters, letters

    or this, then click load
  19. Problem with flexi can't enter characters, letters

    How about just going to edit>preferences> restore defaults?
  20. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    Will the knifeless tape cut thru the transfer tape also?
  21. This Please

    Thanks, I found that out elsewhere
  22. This Please

  23. This Please

    I wonder if it's custom, it's from a magazine/website, by the same name. Where's Mark S when we/I need him.. Thanks for looking , I put it on 101 and nobody ID'd it there either, some of those guys are faster than a cat covering up $hit
  24. HELPP!!!!!

    Looks good....if it were a circuit board
  25. I'm trying to help another person with this model. She says the machine will not act as if it is cutting without the blade installed in the blade holder is this true? Thanks