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  1. maddog

    And another kart...

    Great Work Man :thumbsup:
  2. maddog

    My Car

    Looks like to me that the plug was never screwed in all the way as it looks with the shiny threads. Just My Two Cents worth!
  3. maddog

    one of the rides I just finished.

    looks like she's just having a high old time rocking out!
  4. maddog

    How to Vectorize images

    I wish I could help you out, Good Luck on making a Vector image from that, The glow around the letters will make the letters fat and ugly and you'll likely lose some of the image when you use just one color.
  5. maddog

    tow truck/wrecker

    Thanks Guys, Grabbed a copy.
  6. maddog

    All This Talk About Etching....

    Maybe it's just me but those holes where the gloves are look really small, unless of course you have tiny hands?
  7. Had some free time , thought I might try and help, here is what I came out with, could use a bit more cleaning up maybe.
  8. maddog

    Getting started with etching

    Don't waste your money on the HB Air Eraser, it is pure garbage, you can try and shoot the finest AO there is and it will still clog and Piss you off!
  9. maddog

    I Bet Im the Youngest One On Here

    Welcome Aboard from The Great North West State of Washington.
  10. maddog

    helping a friend on picture contest

    Helping Out
  11. maddog

    Help with this font

    Look for Font called Bacon or Honey Dripper.
  12. Also if that is one of those HUGE rolls of paper make sure to unroll and have some hanging freely as the cutter will have a hard time unrolling that big heavy roll of paper.
  13. maddog

    Christmas Mugs

    lol, yeah Your probaly right, I didn't even notice the date.duh
  14. maddog

    Christmas Mugs

    Your link to Your New Site is either incorrect or you haven't quite got your site up and running yet? Nice graphic work on the images, Your designs?
  15. Thanks Dakota, seems I had read that somewhere on here before, might be just about as cost effective to just buy another Ricoh with Sub inks.