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    Startup Folder

    Did some searching, you can use the runas command but that will require you to enter the password every time the program runs. If that's acceptable it's a quick and easy solution. If you don't want to have to enter the password, looks like the program/command PsExec will allow you to create a batch file to run a program with admin rights. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx
  2. darcshadow

    Startup Folder

    Have you tried creating a batch file to run the program you want and put the batch file, or a shortcut to the batch file in the startup folder?
  3. darcshadow

    Reworked Design.

    Might try playing with some dark blues in the shadows/black trees. Art teacher back in high school always stressed there was no such thing as a black shadow, there is always some blue in it.
  4. What software are you using? Could be a software/driver issue. If you're not using SignBlazer, download it and give it a try.
  5. In addition to what wildgoose said, looks like you may need to also adjust your blade offset. Not the cause of your problems, but it will sharpen up those corners.
  6. darcshadow

    Prepping for new truck paint

    I had an '88 Dodge Ram-50 that I bought used when I was 15 and drove it daily for 15 years, although technically it wasn't a Dodge, it was a Mitsubishi. Been all over the country with it, 25 different states.
  7. darcshadow

    Edge Lit Sign

    The lights are simple 3528 LED light strips that I get from lightingEver, have also seen them at good prices on amazon. They are powered by a 12V supply. Only thing I'm not real happy with is the fact that I can not find aluminum U channel narrow enough, there is a gap between the back side of the acrylic and the back of the frame. Not a huge deal since it's on the back, but rather annoying to me none the less.
  8. darcshadow

    Edge Lit Sign

    Thank. The guy is in the process of restoring an old Super Bug. So currently he's pouring lots of money into it and doesn't even havr a seat to sit in yet. ha!
  9. darcshadow

    Edge Lit Sign

    Did this one for another guy in the motorcycle club, too much light in the photo and was not running it at the full 12V at the time so the glow is a bit dim.
  10. darcshadow

    Edge Lit Sign

    Wife got me a powder coating gun for my birthday and I finally got around to doing something with it. Made a frame with some aluminum u channel for another edge lit sign I made for a friend who is a big VW guy.
  11. darcshadow

    Who rides Motorcycles

    lablover, that's what every track junkie says. It's very addicting.
  12. darcshadow

    Wall Decal HELP

    No, nothing special.
  13. darcshadow

    Who rides Motorcycles

    Been to the dragon and surrounding roads a couple of times now. Love it up there. Current bike is a track only '08 CBR 600 RR. Was at the dragon last year then went down to barber and had a go down at the track. Damaged to badly to bother repairing to ride on the street but it'll work good enough for the track.
  14. darcshadow

    Wall Decal HELP

    Looks about like my walls and I have some 631 sticking to them in my sons room.
  15. darcshadow

    Table top etch... Compass Rose

    Very nice, how long did that take with an air eraser?
  16. darcshadow

    Vinyl On Pint Glasses, or?

    My wife got me a Cyclone E500 for Christmas and I love it. It is just slightly more expensive than the HF ones, $180 is about the cheapest I've seen it, but it is a single piece of rotationally molded plastic so there are no joints for dust to leak out.
  17. darcshadow

    Help Please

    I believe madhatter was talking about redraw/manual trace vs an automatic trace. Manual trace is what I did. You bring the image into your program then use it as a guide to redraw it. In this one I started with the round part of the anchor, just made simple circles and placed them over the original graphic to get size and location. Then drew some lines for the anchor and then node edited them to get them to match up with the original. Then did the same for the scarf yamaka. Great think about vector drawing you only have to get the initial line close, then you can node edit to get everything exactly where you want/need
  18. darcshadow

    Help Please

    Here's my attempt at a redraw. anchor w yamaka.svg
  19. darcshadow

    Help Please

    Do you have a larger version of the image?
  20. darcshadow

    LED Lights

    are you wanting to do back lighting, or edge lighting like Jay's image? LightingEver.com has good prices on LED strips, Amazon, E-Goal 5M LEDs are pretty good prices as well and more of a color selection.
  21. Glad you're making progress towards your goal. Be sure to post some photos when you get it all worked out and completed.
  22. Another option may be an USB extender. There are devices that convert USB to a CAT5 cable and then back to USB. Using products such as these USB can be extended to 300'. With 300' option that'd give you plenty of wire to run around the room along the walls or even into the wall and back down the other side of the room. If you google USB extender you can find these devices for as little as $25.
  23. Yeah, select the image and hold the shift key while selecting a color from the color bar at the bottom of the screen will add a stroke to the object. Adjust the size till you're happy then convert the stroke to path. The peacock image is a pretty complex one, I'd suggest a smaller simpler design to work out how the best way to do it would be. I really don't think there is an easy way to do what you're wanting to do. Another option would be to draw the image on paper to the size you want then scan that image.
  24. If retracing the line is an option you want to pursue that would probably give you the best results. The Bezier tool or freehand lines tool can be used to trace the existing lines. Either tool you'll need to go back and node edit the line to get it exactly where you want. Adjust the stroke width to what you want. Save the file at this point and keep it in case you ever want to make the image again in a different size. Size the image and the stroke widths to what you want, select all and from the menu bar, Path -> stroke to path. Then merge all the paths to form a single shape, select all, Path -> Union.
  25. Only other option I can think of that, while more work will probably give you better results. Resize the image, break it apart, then manipulate each individual shape to get the desired gap between shapes.