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    This is a Dollar Tree aluminum water bottle I sandblasted a few years ago. 150 grit AO @ 45psi.
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    Oh yeah it does it good. I do these from time to time. You can blast etch through about anything. I typically see the anodized aluminum but have etched all sorts of stuff with good results. The hardest thing so far was a porcelain tile which was hard enough I had to use real blast resist. Bottles and such vinyl works fine.
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    i wish i could just find the product she uses, even if i don't or can't use it . it has become a mission to seek it out!
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    this maybe it as well https://www.fellers.com/fellers-shopping/cat/sign-vinyls/sub/special-effects-fluorescent-vinyl/set/orajet-3930-photoluminescent
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    Working from Vm Pro here but I believe its the same for Letter... Select your overwide object to cut (Menu dropdown) > Send to Cutfile> (Select Tab 'Current Page' OR' Selected Items' then >Send ReSelect your object > Edit> Overlap ( Enter a Value... .125 to .250 inch works well) OK > Apply Click "Cut Page" on Menu Bar and a Cut Current Page Module should open that allows you to select which of the Tiles you wish to cut.
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    Your going to have to contact Vinylmaster. They are your tech support for your software. They can answer your questions.
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    depending on the overall size of this graphic, you might want to warn advise the customer that the thin lines in the text will probably start peeling - that it will most likely peel easier than the rest o the stuff. I try to steer my customers away from stuff like that, or at the very least, give them a heads up about it - and the fact that I do no warranty stuff like that. I also typically don't do the "installation" part of the job, but will give them instructions on prepping the surface properly.
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    Just from your question I have questions back. Do you have a printer capable of printing on vinyl? A basic home variety of printer will not get it done. There are a few printable vinyl options (not glow in the dark) out there but they are not the same as a REAL printed graphic. Second if you DO have the right printer, wherever you print on any glow in the dark is NOT also going to glow in the dark. Someone somewhere may make a printer capable of using glow in the dark inks but I have never heard of one. I don't own a printer myself because they cost SO much to own and operate that I just can't justify it. I would think most Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Thermal and probably some of the new water based latex printers would be capable of laying down ink on glow-in the dark vinyl. You will just see a dark spot though when the lights go out and it will glow around the edges (assuming you leave some exposed nonprinted areas)