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    Ok this may be a dumb question but just to be clear, are you sure your version of SCALP is for mac? I thought the SCALP program came as an either/or. Either Windows OR Mac not both. Maybe they have changed that.
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    I press it to the garment - no way to know if the "customer" has an adequate heat press that applies even pressure at the right temp for the required amount of time. selling it to them to apply is a sure way to make a bad name in the business when they don't apply it right.
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    The predominate difference is that VinylMaster CUT has a basic vectorizer in the USCutter edition whereas the Future Corp version does not. Also, the USCutter edition comes with drivers based on the cutters USCutter sells whereas the Future Corp version includes them all built in. However, there is a downloads page that includes over 5000 drivers for the USCutter edition here: https://fcws1.com/drivers/driverconsole.php As such, and excluding the vectorizer for CUT the differences are minimal.
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    Put your object on top of the background you want, select both objects, then right click, pick shaping, and then common.