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    I wish it could have looked better, but this was what was decided on to not get to close to a "real" one. Special thanks to Skeeter for her help with the law.
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    Thankyou. I will look at Graphtec software... I was just partial to my vinylmaster... lol
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    I will say this much. The Graphtec Pro Studio is NICE! I think I'll try and go into SCALP4, and export my file art to a SVG file. GPS opens them pretty well, and I could still cut them as they need them. @MZ SKEETER was right, VERY easy to use. I'm pleasantly surprised and relieved at the same time. Once I get the hang of it a bit more, I'm certain to love it more.
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    never tried that as I avoid clear app tape for 95 percent of what I do - I know it does cut a lot harder as my rotary cutter cuts thru clear app tape ok with backing paper but just the clear tape itself it will have difficulty cutting.. with that said trying to apply any graphic to a compound curve like on a truck bed will be darn near impossible from my experience. bed stripes on a ram bed (bumblebee stripe) taught me a lot when I did my last truck . . . No way that would have worked with clear
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    OF COURSE I did, !!! Did I say I wrote this? A@@HOLE!!! How many times do you have to be told to STAY Off my posts!!!! You must be FN stupid that people have to keep telling YOU!!! STALKER!!
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    The designs are copyright protected. Here is Utah and other states may be the same. that fraudulently altering or counterfeiting a registration card, license plate or permit issued by the Motor Vehicles Division is a second-degree felony under Utah law, carrying a penalty of 1-15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. And while many of the violators eventually have the charges reduced to a misdemeanor level, it doesn't start out that way. The felony classification results in the immediate arrest of violators, which has caused some upsetting and embarrassing experiences for average people who would otherwise never find themselves in jail.