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    No mention of which machine your using, and you have never asked for any help here. So what is your problem with which machine and software? And what is the size of letters your trying to cut.?
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    I resolve not to drink any more beer. No less but no more!! Happy new year to all.
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    Been keeping an eye out for a hat press on CL , fri night was talking with @Primal Decals about it and looked on there . a guy less than 5 miles from me posted 1 he made 2 hats with. $80 and its at the shop. hopefully it wont take long for it to pay for the new 1 I have been eye balling.
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    According to his other posts he uses VM LTR
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    I have the graphtec ce6000 and it doesn't have the cut off knife - you have to spend about $3300 to get the auto cut off feature. with that said the ce6000 is a sweet cutting machine but like most people I started with a value cutter and used part of the profits to move up every year for several years to get my first grapthec. I didn't start out with the great machine but those value cutters will teach you a LOT about set up.
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    Wish everyone a n AWESOME NEW YEAR !!!
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    Happy, Healthy, and Safe!!!
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    Read the manual 3 times, jump up and twist to the right, jump up again and twist to the left. Sit down and bang your head on the table twice and read the manual 2 more times. If that doesn't do it, call it quits for the day and repeat tomorrow.
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    Have a Happy and Healthy to you and yours, Scotty.
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    There are four (4) ways to retrieve your PSN, as follows: (1) If you have bought the software, or installed an update anytime after October 2017 your PSN is now available from the About Window. To open About ckick the Help (menu) in the main window and then click About. (2) If your software is older than October 2017, you can find your PSN using Windows Explorer on your computer: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\FutureCorp and you will see the name of the program, open this folder and double click on DefaultPaths.INI For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\FutureCorp\**Name of your Software**\DefaultPaths.INI If you have installed to another hard drive on your computer such as D or E etc. then substitute that drive letter with C:\ (above) Inside DefaultPaths.INI You will see this information near the bottom of the data: PSN= The number listed is your PSN. (3) If you have not activated the software, then only USCutter will have your PSN and you must contact them to retrieve your PSN. (4) If you do not have access to your computer, you can request to retrieve your PSN, please fill in this form: Request to Retrieve PSN