I want to make a few stickers.

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I want to make a few small printed stickers, not decals, and I'm wondering if I'm thinking it out correctly.  Let me know if this will work or what changes I should make.  

First, using white Oracal 651 vinyl, I will cut out some 8.5"x 11" sheets.

Then draw up my sticker in VM.

Using a laser printer, I'll print it onto those vinyl sheets with registration marks for contour cutting.

Using Oracal 651 clear (I think it's color 000?) I would laminate the sheets, not covering the registration marks.

Using the VM contour cutting wizard, I create an offset, and cut them out using my SC2.



I've done this with my inkjet printer, printer paper, and the pen tool, and it seems to work great, but I don't have a laser printer and haven't used the clear vinyl before. 


1. Has anyone here done this before? 

2. Can Oracal 651 be printed on successfully?

3. Is Oracal 651 color 000 what I want to use for this?

4 How long will the color will last in the sun or can I do anything different to help it last longer.

5. Do I NEED a laser printer?

6. What's the cheapest laser printer I would want to use for this, or are they all the same quality and it's just a feature game?

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There are printing companies who will run stickers for you all day long, as many or as few as you require.

Try ZooPrinting, they have many options for printed sticker (labels) work, even low-volume. Vinyl Labels are adhesive-backed vinyl printed in full color on one side of 4 mil permanent adhesive. Vinyl Labels come in a range of sizes, starting from 12" x 12'" for $9 plus shipping.


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We’ll here’s the thing… what really prompted me to this was that I need a new printer anyways.  I don’t mind paying extra for a printer that can do other things, but I’ve never had a laser printer.  
besides that, the only thing I’d have to buy is a roll of clear vinyl.


I did find out that you can laser print on 651 with excellent results.

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If you read the tech data for Oracal 651, it says use thermal printing.   Print Compatibility Thermal Transfer (gloss finish only).

Forum members can only give you advice, it's up to you in the end, whether you take that advice or not.  

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