Any idea about what this RTape is please

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Hello everyone


I bought this application tape through facebook marketplace over here in melbourne (Australia). The tape says RTape Application tape 4076 (Paper).

The address it says is for New Jersey with the site mentioned as rtape.eu not working

I could not find any mention about this Rtape.

I have two queries:

1. Is this an old logo for RTape

2. The tape label says RTape Aplitape 4076. Any idea whether this tape is a medium tack or ahigh tack tape please?

It has a fair bit of tack but the guy was clueless about whether it is a medium tack or a high tack tape.


Photo attached for you to look at


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While not directly related to your specific question, here's a link to the USCUTTER App Tape Dispenser  (24" and 48") that is quite valuable to assist in laying down this transfer tape.

(Highly suggest securing the unit to the table edge with c-clamps)



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On 8/11/2021 at 1:36 PM, slice&dice said:

Rtape is a standard of this industry.



4075 is high tack.  Yours is one point above that!
Conform 4076RLA Extra High Tack


I tried that tape yesterday. It seems it works a way better than Medium tack tape. The sticking in between the tape and the decal is strong. Does it mean I need to be more gentle and slow while peeling it off after installation? Any idea? 

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