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Ok so I see all these circuit people cutting bass wood with their cricut.  Can a titan 2 cut this also? If so how? Any and all info on it I would appreciate. 

thsnks a bunch!


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Some quick research finds that the Cricut has a specific blade they are calling the Knife Blade for cutting basswood. I suppose in theory, if you can get a knife blade that fits in your cutter and a cutting matt to hold the wood you could do it on your cutter but I'm not sure I'd want to risk it. Cutting wood with a vinyl cutter seems like it would put a lot of extra strain on the system.

A laser would be a much better option for cutting thin pieces of wood. You might look around and see if any places have a laser for people to use. I have a local library that has one that is free for the public to use. I know there are some Makerspaces around as well that will let you use one for a fee.

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