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SignCut Pro Text Outline Problems

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Hey guys, i just downloaded SignCut so i have almost no idea what im doing wrong...

So my problem is that when i cut using SignCut, Letters seem to get weird triangular shapes/cuts added to them...

I have the USCutter MH721 cutter and have been using SignBlazer, and its been cutting fairly well with it except for small incomplete cuts which made weeding a little tricky and difficult...

The current design im cutting works fine with SignBlazer, but not SCP.

Connected thru USB

Baud Rate is the same on both SCP and cutter (9600)

Cutter is grounded to the stand

Cutter and Stand is on carpet

Calibration is on key

Preview on cut is perfect

Actual cut is messed up only on one letter.

Ive tried the design in both .esp ver.8 and .ai ver. 8, same results.

If you guys could help me with either the incomplete cuts on SB or the weird triangal cuts on SCP, either would be great!

Heres the design that im trying to cut. (The space between "I" and "Fixies" is supposed to be there.)

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