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  1. Dwild

    How do I prepare for this?

    Thanks for all the input! They get their shirts locally from a vinyl shop that outsources to get them screen printed. They are upset with the quality from the last batch they got because the lettering and logo almost came off the short within a few washes. They paid like 8.00 a shirt for 1000 the last order.
  2. You definitely won't find a better community on the web! This forum is full of helpful members. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Dwild

    How do I prepare for this?

    I wish I knew lol. I was just told hey in a few months I am going to have more shirts made for my business. There will be roughly 500-1000 that I will need. That's pretty much what I got told I wont get to start until around February. I may do plastisol transfers, I thought about it but I didn't know if it would be more expensive or cheaper to just get them screen printed.
  4. I just caught wind that I may be getting a 500 shirt order for a local business. I can't outsource locally because there are no local screen printers. With that said how could I find a local screen printer and what kind of ball park price should i figure. I am just a 1 man vinyl operation I've never had possibly 1000 shirts to do, any guidance will be highly appreciated!
  5. Dwild

    Puffer vests?

    I recently had a customer ask if I could put initials on puffer vests she bought. I can't really figure out what material they are and I also don't know if siser easyweed will stick to them?
  6. Dwild

    Newbie from NYC...

    Welcome from the backwoods!
  7. It seems so easy to sell broadly on etsy though, list everything under the sun and even for personalized/custom stuff and sell! Obviously that is not the case though right? If a niche is the only way to become profitable on these online marketplaces what's the best way to come up with a niche? I feel out of my element when thinking of potential niche markets on etsy due to the majority of etsy shoppers being female. If that is not the case I apologize but that is the feel I get from etsy. I'm not asking for anyone to give away secrets I'm just wondering how do you stumble upon niches and is it the only way to go?
  8. To compete I'd have to be at a little over a 65% markup.... I guess I'd rather sell more at less profit because I will stay busier. I definitely like to stay busy.
  9. Dwild

    631 vinyl

    HT55 is probably the best, it's definitely all I use.
  10. So I have got a few jobs since I've got my press and cutter but my sales are far and few as of right now. I am definitely wanting to venture out unto etsy due to the daily traffic that goes on that site. My only concern is should I niche and target something small or should I target everything I can in the world of vinyl?
  11. They do $14.00 front and back vinyl. I do $14.00 for one side and 18 for both.
  12. Lol I meant $14.00 idk what happened there. They are the only shop around and have been in business for 20 years. I really don't see how they're keeping the lights on.
  13. Just found out from a buddy of mine that a local vinyl tshirt shop charges $14 for 1 side of a shirt and $14 for front and back? How can they not be bankrupt? I'm at $14 for one side and $1448 for front and back and people act like I'm price gouging. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. Dwild

    Pressure & Over sheets

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll definitely get some parchment paper because I plan on layering some vinyl soon.
  15. Dwild

    Pressure & Over sheets

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll definitely get some parchment paper because I plan on layering some vinyl soon.