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  1. ghost1

    Breast Cancer Ribbon

    thanks for this file
  2. ghost1

    My DIY screen press

    Nice work! I built one very similar and it works great...true story about the regi marks though. I found that the better the hinge you start with, the less problems you'll have in the end when its crunch time. You will be able to make enough money with that one to buy a really nice one if you hustle. You can bang out quite a few single color shirts with that simple set up.
  3. ghost1

    Thinking about silk screen

    @ lablover - sorry man, I didn't read the op well enough...did not realize that you were thinking about building a press to take on work. in that case what dj said is spot on. It's a learning curve for sure and even though I had my screens made for me at first, I've since learned all of those things he spoke of and now do everything myself. It's work, but I do it for myself mostly so it's worth it for me. if you're serious about screening shirts there's money in it, but practice first because you will make mistakes. *EDIT* here are the pics of my "homegrown" silkscreen press. anyone can make one... so I started with this: and this: and this: We wound up with this...this pic is just before I finished it. I sanded and painted it completely with a good oil based stain (overkill??? it works...) had to learn how to make was a PROCESS Here's the finished product...water based ink that we let air dry and then tossed into the dryer (inside out) for about a half an hour. Like I said...we make tees over here strictly for funsies. I have seen REAL presses and they are built to last for commercial use. IMHO this is geared more towards the hobbyist, but as another wiser member pointed out - build one of these on the cheap, do a few jobs for friends who aren't gonna bust your stones about bein' perrrrrrfect...and before you know it you'll have enough to buy a good one for production.
  4. ghost1

    Thinking about silk screen

    I downloaded the plans from and with a few mods made a four color four station press for next to nothing. I will post the pics here if you want. it was easy to build. even for a dummy like me...basic carpentry skills here, I'm not a pro at all. I say go for it! the plans are free and if you have a bunch of scraps of wood laying around even better.
  5. ghost1

    Shirt Done for my Daughter in Law

    damn, I missed that!
  6. ghost1

    Greetings from the D...

    @skeeter -Rodney Dangerfield maybe...'cause I get no respect! Hahaha. Just kidding. I don't think so, is he a Jew from Brooklyn?
  7. ghost1

    Greetings from the D...

    Having trouble uploading pics atm...I'll get it Big ups to SkareKrow! He is a true professional gotta go make some more decals - finished up a couple of original designs today so I am PUMPED! now I just have to keep putting in the hours on flexi. Awesome Krew here, love it! Jay okay, figured it's some pics! I will put up some of the original work I'm currently doing Awesome! You guys rock..thanks again to all who have helped. Jay
  8. congratulations on your new hobby! Hahaha it's only suggestion, as a TOTAL noob of course, is to keep on reading through this forum's instructional threads. Many informative posts and you should find anything you need. Good luck!
  9. ghost1


    ^^^^^^ quality post, there buddy! I have learned more from two of goose's posts than hours of googling and "browsing". Thanks!
  10. ghost1


    I'm new to this forum as well, but I concur...very helpful indeed welcome aboard from a fellow New Yorker!
  11. ghost1

    Greetings from the D...

    Well, just finished making a whole bunch of cool decals...lots of fun! I guess the cutter is pretty dialed in, which is amazing considering that it was sitting for so long. seems like the files I was originally trying to cut need some work...the ones I just cut from the files I downloaded this morning cut flawlessly for the most part. probably need to clean mine up a bit. I have reached out to a couple of members here...I will take some pics and try to upload them tomorrow.
  12. ghost1

    Someone make this graphics

    excellent post...thanks!
  13. ghost1

    Greetings from the D...

    Thank you, goose. I will get it sorted one way or the other...been poking around on the interwebs and got the number for Allen. I'm going to give them a call today once I figure out what to ask! Hahaha I grabbed some files from a few of these threads here and just finished cutting some hello titty decals. I will try to post some pics soon for the peanut gallery to laugh at. After reading through a bunch of posts this morning it seems like y'all are a pretty decent crew. glad I found this forum! Thanks again, hombre and thanks to everyone who has shared their work on this forum! Jay