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  1. Anyone using a Roland BY-20 DTF printer? My daughter is thinking about getting one to replace your prestige. She's looking for a faster printer and didn't know if the roland is any faster. She is starting to sell a lot of gang sheets Thank for the help
  2. Hi everyone. Looking for a hood decal for 2002 camaro. The costumer has told me that its a LT motor. I do know he wants it for the hood scoop. If anyone has one it would be appreciate.Thanks
  3. hhsg


    Thank haumana for the help. A tape measure does wonder that i showed her lol. I told her to not to buy at wally world. she has already ordered form Coastal and Conde.
  4. hhsg


    yes I believe that's what she is looking for
  5. hhsg


    I asked her and she is looking for tumbler templates for 20 0z and 30 oz.
  6. hhsg


    Hi everyone. My daughter is getting into the sublimation. She did take the shirt part away from me LOL. Question is does anyone know where she can get some blank templates for tumblers, cup etc. Thank in advance Matt
  7. hhsg

    Rush vintage?

    Thank Sue2. My wife thanks you too. She has been looking under rush vintage. I didn’t even ask her if she used font search. Once again thank you
  8. hhsg

    Rush vintage?

    I have a customer that’s wants a banner. He got the font off of a android app called font rush. He called it vintage but that was it. I have a Apple phone so they don’t have a app that will work with Apple. I have looked at rush vintage but no luck. I would appreciate if anyone could give me the name of the font thanks matt
  9. hhsg

    Icon in flexi

    I use flexi 10.5 and just upgrade to versaworks 6.0. I have notice that in flexi icon to sent the file to versaworks doesn't appear at the top like it did for versaworks 5. Does anyone know why it would not be there when using versawork 6.0
  10. hhsg

    Color Match

    Sorry wildgoose I have not been on for awhile. I did do what you suggest on the color strips and came up with one that was pretty darn close. Sent it to the body shop that was working on the truck and the customer love it. Also thanks everyone for the help. Thanks Matt
  11. hhsg

    Color Match

    Hi everyone. I have a customer that has a 2001 ford pickup. The colors are white and the bottom half is a Arizona Beige. I have search to find a chart that would give me the closes pantone color to match the Arizona Beige. Not having any real luck. Hope someone out there has or know a good website that can help me. Thanks Matt
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    Hello From NC

    Hi from Indy
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    Hello from a new guy

    welcome for indy
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