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  1. I have always refused to do HTV on ribbed tank tops. How did that turn out? Maybe I should go ahead and give it a try.
  2. I'm 100% Illustrator. I've tried others and don't care for them... not much point in it at this point though, once you know Illy - you're set. Def not cheap though. : / I have a Graphtec and cut out of Illy in "Graphtec Studio" and love, love, love that combo.
  3. randalle


    Type out your a-z. Make a copy of it. Take the original and change it to the font you want. Right click on it and choose "create outlines" repeat as needed. Once they are in 'outlines' you can group and ungroup them as needed - the process is so simple that I would not pre-stage them like this. Just type out what you want, when you need it, and then convert to outlines.
  4. randalle

    Preferd Vinyl

    Cast > Calendered. I prefer Oracal, but have used a lot of Avery. Both fine products. I use 751 the majority of the time.
  5. I have a surplus of coroplast, and have a couple of request for 'game day signs' and thought that may be a fit. Anyone make any game day signs ("GO TEAM" and the like) with coro? Is that a good fit? Any other materials good for this? I'd want to put vinyl on it.
  6. randalle

    F-150 Smoke Edition

    Awesome work!!
  7. randalle

    Chrome vinyl

    I've used Creative Films Prime Polychrome Silver from USC and love it.
  8. As I understand it they changed AT60 again. I bought some a month ago and it is pretty awesome on 751.
  9. randalle

    Best Wide Cutter for Under $1,000

    Yes, you can cut 15", 24", and smaller. You will be fine with any rolls you already have. FWIW, I have a Graphtec ce-60 and it is worth EVERY PENNY.
  10. randalle

    Cap heat press

    I use a piece of foam I cut off my kids bed topper... but yes, Hatter is spot on. I enjoy the finished product on the hats, but they can be stressful. ; )
  11. randalle


    Gildan Ultra is my 1st choice for an economy shirt. Door #2 (at an additional cost) I also offer Hanes Beefy T's.
  12. randalle

    American flag - vinyl colors?

    Thanks Tyler! I ordered King Blue, it seems very, very close. If it isn't, I'll take it back and keep looking.
  13. Curious if anyone has done an American flag with vinyl. I'm looking to do a couple flags with Oracal 751 and have a red choice I like.... but I'm up in the air on the Blue. I was thinking 537 / Deep blue. This is going on white max metal. Anyone got any inside info on a good shade of blue that would work great in this application?
  14. You'll need pigment ink and the contour cutting feature on your machine as prerequisites. As for the paper, I use 3g Jet for darks and JPSS for lights (jet pro soft stretch). I get them from Coastal. I tested and did not care for the red grid / blue grid products. Once you test it, if you like it - consider purchasing a roll of whatever material you want vs. sheets. You have more flexibility to cut custom sizes (longer) so you don't have to rig up carrier sheets which imo is a pita.
  15. randalle

    AT 60 wet install

    I need to get back on trying to use paper on big stuff. I had some bad luck with bubbles and likely prematurely blamed the paper instead of the process. I have learned some patience since my last complete disaster / failure.