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  1. Sal316

    Why Is There This Product Gap? (Cutters)

    I'll use the analogy of it's like going from a Cadillac to an Accord. Both get the job done but it's just a much smoother ride in the Cadillac. More "bells and whistles". For the sake of not bashing our host's flagship cutter too much, some of the things I don't particularly care for: Grit roller placement, mainly the lack of a larger one on the right side like the Graphtec has. Poor quality build. I had to replace the USB port within the first 3 months of using the Titan2 due to it coming loose. Yes it was under warranty, but I still had to sit and wait for them to send me the part. Tracking is noticeably better on the Graphtec, at least in my opinion.
  2. Sal316

    Why Is There This Product Gap? (Cutters)

    If you wind up going with a 24 inch cutter, spend the extra on the Graphtec over the Titan2/3. You will be glad in the long run. I use both regularly, and I hate when I have to use the Titan2 at work.
  3. Sal316

    fastfood logo

    Everything in the US is bigger, including our egos. Nice job on the install. Looks nice and clean like Dakota said.
  4. Sal316

    First Backlit Sign job .

    USA is not capitalized.
  5. Sal316

    Problems with htv process

    The basic presses from USCutter tend to be off on the temp. As previously mentioned, check the temps. My press at work, the cheap USCutter one, is 15-20 degrees off. Once I corrected for this the issues stopped.
  6. Sal316

    Swapmeet find

    Nice find!
  7. Sal316

    If you're a Walking Dead Fan - Negan 2016

    Pretty sure USCutter doesn't want to promote trademarked items. Probably best to remove it.
  8. Sal316

    Refurb or New

    It depends on the warranty when I consider a refurbished item.
  9. For liability reasons I would walk away from this one. Just my opinion.
  10. Sal316

    color fade issue

    I have had issues with certain rolls fading out of a lot of 11 651 rolls i bought at the same time. It only happened with the least popular colors, so it makes you wonder how long USCutter was sitting on these rolls before they were shipped to customers. Do they have a return policy with Oracal if unused rolls do not sell, or do they just eat the cost. Most likely they eat the cost, so they are probably hard-pressed to just throw the vinyl out. They probably figure it is easier, and cheaper, to just replace problematic rolls when customers complain. Supply chain for them has gotta be tough, balancing what to carry on hand in anticipation of what will sell in order to keep customers happy with ship times. Have to try and guess right when ordering such large quantities to get their discounted pricing.
  11. Sal316

    graphic tracer program

    From the Imagaro site: " Imagaro, the company that originally created Imagaro Z does not exist anymore. The rights to the latest version have been bought by the company Graphic Powers. " And that is why.
  12. Sal316

    color fade issue

    How old is the roll in question?
  13. Sal316

    Blade holders

    +1 for cheap graphtec holder on ebay. $15 from cn-laser
  14. Is it a small J? "This is what we called initial blade action where the blade orientate itself, what you see if normal, you can change it so it won’t be in the cuts. When ready, press Menu >> Tools >> UP arrow >> initial blade >> Outside >> Enter >> Menu."