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  1. I have the following Oracal Vinyl for Sale - Lengths are a best guess estimate.  All are 751


    I am listing the color, size, length and purchase date.


    056 Ice Blue 24" x 6 yds, 12/30/14

    063 Lime Green 24" x 5 yds 11/7/14

    034 Orange 15" x 4yds 7/16/14

    064 Green 15" x 4yds 7/16/14

    026 Purple Red 15" x 1yd 7/16/14

    010 White 24x10yds 7/16/14


    $70.00 for all $9.99 to ship (No PO Boxes - Thanks)


    Thanks for Looking 






  2. Thanks for all the suggestions.  What I ended up doing -- In Illustrator under the type menu I created an outline.  Then using the pathfinder I used the unite button.  That basically welded all my text.  Sent it to Signcut and it worked.  I did save the AI file under a different name so I could go back and edit the original text if I needed to.

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  3. Hello:

    I have the most recent version of SignCut Pro1.96 for Mac.  I created text in AI CS6 and then sent it to SignCut using the included plug-in.  The text needs to be welded or merged.  I can not see this function in SignCut.  Does anyone know if it has that capability to merge or weld text?



  4. For weeding tools go to Harbor Freight.  They have an aisle with picks and small scrapers - buy an assortment they are fairly inexpensive and work great