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  1. I have my cr 1200 pen holder carriage broken. I have seen listings  only for CT models on some websites. Please may I know if such can fit into cr models? Also can the complete carriage unit of CT models fit into CR?


    Thanks for past contributions that have helped me a lot.

    1. Wildgoose


      Sorry I have no idea. 

  2. Thanks. I live in Nigeria. Will try to look for it or alternatives. May be I should move it to a different location or so,. Im so grateful for your advise.
  3. Thanks friend. First I have been using it for sometimes. In fact I kept it for about 2years after buying it 'cos I couldn't get it running, but I dont give up. I bought Artcut with it, but I couldnt use it with it, despite all the support from the vendor. Next the vendor had to mail another copy to me which did not work either. I downloaded signcut trial which worked with it. But buying sign cut software would be another expenses. However last year, I got a corel plug in from the Manufacturers website and it worked. However not long I started experiencing this stoppages. I use Corel 13 and cut through the plug in dowloaded, and Windows XP. Dont know what support ticket is, please explain. Dont know how to get anti-static cling spray and hose locally. Can you send me a pix of how it is done?
  4. Hi friends. Just come to the forum. Im having similar problem with my pcut 1200. No matter the capacity of work sent, it stops sometimes even before 50% job, and this wastes my materials. Just dont know what to do. Mine has only USB port. What can I do to this?