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    corel 2017

    Cannot get contour or border to cut inside of letters. I can set contour around font but not the center such as on R or O. Thanks, Mark
  2. mailman

    corel 2017

    Thanks mfatty I will give this a try. Thanks again, Mark
  3. My image is cutting about 4 times the size of original image. I am not sure how to calibrate size. Is there a factory setting that is standard in the device units per inch. Mine was set to 1600 units per inch.Thanks, Mark
  4. mailman

    Vinylmaster LTR size

    Thanks for all the help. Mark
  5. mailman

    Vinylmaster LTR size

    Thanks again for all your help. Mark
  6. mailman

    Vinylmaster LTR size

    Thanks MZ SKEETER I gave it try, I set the size of test box to cut a 2"x2" square at 100% it cut a box 8"x8" . I reduced the percent to 25% and it did cut 2x2 square. My device units per inch is set at 1016 should I reduce this to 254? Thanks, Mark
  7. I upgraded to vinylmaster ltr , for the life of me I cannot figure out to access extra fonts. I did download the extras file. Thanks, Mark
  8. mailman

    Vinylmaster LTR

  9. mailman

    mossy oak

    Try tree silhouettes
  10. mailman

    Arial font

    Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. Thanks again, Mark
  11. mailman

    Arial font

    Could someone help me with a default font, I choose a font , click on my page and the font reverts to arial 24pt. Any help will be appreciated . Thanks, Mark
  12. mailman

    E-mailing cdr file

    probably should know this, what file type to use when e-maiingl a CDR file to someone without Corel draw. Just want include in body of e-mail. Don't know how to convert to jpeg. Can I send Bitmap and at what resolution? Thanks, Mark
  13. mailman

    E-mailing cdr file

    Thank you both very much I really appreciate your help. Thanks again, Mark
  14. mailman

    chevron pattern

    Could someone explain to me how to create a chevron pattern in Corel x6. Thanks, Mark
  15. My last few jobs are cutting from the rear of design to front, I hope I can explain this right. I am cutting a design that is 35" I set the origin to begin cutting at the lower right hand corner, but the vinyl feeds the length of job and begins to cut pulling the vinyl back through. I am using Cutting Master 3. Thanks, Mark
  16. Thanks Mz Skeeter, sorry it took so long to say thank you for your help, Mark
  17. Thanks Mz. SKEETER, the job is cutting fine, I thought the cut would begin at the origin point, bottom right if I sat that as the origin point and feed as it cut, I guess things are OK. Thanks again, Mark
  18. mailman

    chevron pattern

    Thank you very much,sorry so late. Mark
  19. mailman

    heat press

    I have decided to purchase the SUNIE 15x15 heat press, both of my kids are on local fire departments, my daughter an EMT and my son a paramedic /firefighter, I cut a lot of vinyl for the departments usually for free or cost, and I plan on doing the same for shirts. How difficult is to print a sleeve, thats where a lot of the guys like their station numbers .I have the MH871 cutter, is the vinyl the only other supply I need?. I am catching on little by little, hopefully soon I can give something back to the forum instead of taking all the time. Thanks, Mark
  20. mailman

    help with this

    Be careful a lot of artwork is copyrighted. My Vinyl Designer has a collection of interchangable stick figures for a very reasonable price. Mark
  21. mailman

    eliminating cross lines

    Could someone explain how to eliminate the cross lines where the guns intersect, so it looks as though one is in front of the other, can't seem to figure it out . Thanks, Mark
  22. mailman

    eliminating cross lines

    Thanks for all the help. Mark
  23. mailman

    Need a bass clarinet

    What is the difference between bass clarinet and a regular clarinet. I have a vector clarinet in my mega collection. Mark
  24. mailman

    un-wanted cut line

    I am using Corel x-5, when I sent simple text to sign cut, in the preview it shows cut line going thru my text, cannot figure out to get rid of them. Thanks, Mark
  25. mailman

    Help please

    My son is a firefighter/paramedic, I would like to cut this for his motorcycle, could someone explain to me how to get rid of the axe handles that show thru the scull. Thanks, Mark skull.eps skull.eps skull.eps skull.eps