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  1. sspvinyl

    2004-2014 F150 Graphics

    I just made solid lines all the way down and will use knifeless tape to help with the area right before and after the rear tire.
  2. sspvinyl

    2004-2014 F150 Graphics

    Anyone have the Roush Stage 3 graphics for the F150. Looks like this If not will have to create it which isnt a big deal but just asking.
  3. sspvinyl

    Cody's Roadhouse Logo

    Thanks Mark-s I appreciate it.
  4. sspvinyl

    Cody's Roadhouse Logo

    It would be printed. Need it roughly 45 inches in length by what ever it is proportion at in height.
  5. sspvinyl

    Cody's Roadhouse Logo

    yep that was done 2 weeks and still have got nothing in return after repeat phone calls and emails. Now I have the school asking for the banners they paid for now I have to advise them what is going on. Im curious if im able to contact them myself?
  6. sspvinyl

    Cody's Roadhouse Logo

    I search brands of the world and seek logo and come up empty. Apparently no one at the Cody's Roadhouse location near my house has the logo for the company they work for. All they have is a JPG that is about the size of a business card. I need their logo to put on a 4 ft banner for a Elementary School they sponsor. This is my last ditch attempt to get their logo. If not I will be using their 4 inch jpg and blowing it up to fit a 4 ft banner. It will not look pretty nor will I claim I did it. So would anyone happen to have their logo? EPS or PDF file would work. The main logo on their website is what im looking for. Hell anything that has their logo on it would help.
  7. Now im having an issue with this plotter finishing cuts. If I were to cut 3 of the same items 2 of the 3 would have issue with it not cutting full circles or finishing the letter however 1 would be perfect. I just replaced the cutting pad. I read somewhere where maybe lubricating the blade would work. With the blade tip barely sticking out is it suppose to freely move around?
  8. sspvinyl

    best application tape for 651

    I use the 4075 RLA and havent had any issues with it on the Oracal 651
  9. I have my business email as however I have everything go through Gmail.
  10. Im pretty much right where you are at. $125 profit for 3 hours of work is Great. If you charge him $4.00 a decal he is probably going to order less and not come back. There are people undercutting us big time and I lose customers to it. Anywhere from 100-200 decals I wont go under $1.25. If they are purchasing less then of course the price will go up some and if they order more the price comes down. I thrive on Customer Service, getting your decals done in a reasonable time and receiving a great product with nice crisp lines. I get repeat business all the time. I may end up being a lil higher then some people around here (according to here im really cheap) but my customer come back and spend more money with me. Treat them right and get that repeat business. Continue to get customers like that and you will be ok. At shows I sell decals 1 for $5 bucks. Online I sell decals for $5 bucks. I wont go lower then that and I do well online with sales. I see it all the time on Ebay though Buy one Get one "Free Shipping" at $0.99. How is this person making money and surviving. It cost you $0.49 for a stamp, plus your cost to list and sale and paypal takes out a fee. What is he making maybe $0.10 which goes straight to material cost. that isnt being very smart.
  11. Chambers Suck. there are a few sign shops in the ones I been in and one company will request a quote and then shop it around until they get the lowest price. Once they get the lowest price they take it back to everyone to see if they can beat that price. I called some of the people out about it and pretty much said I dont have time for these games. I dont think they like that but O well. I got 1 job out of it which paid the fees which were about $200 bucks or so. After that I never went back. 3 years later my name, website and contact info are still in the book.
  12. In FL you can look up the new business's that have signed up with the state. Their address and name are all public info. You could start mailing to those companies. Obviously you would mail to people in your own city or surrounding city. More then likely these business's are going to need something.
  13. Why not send off Flyers as postcards in the mail to local business in the area. Spent $100 bucks on the flyers and the cost of Postcard stamps are less then a normal stamp. Print off labels with the address of the business on them and put them in the mail. We made our money back in 1 job off of it.
  14. sspvinyl

    Roland GX-24

    Thanks for taking time to help me with this. appreciate it.
  15. sspvinyl

    Roland GX-24

    yea the VGA port not serial port. They look the same. so yea I dont have a serial port on the back of this computer ----HOWEVER---- I got it to work. I notice when I unplugged the plotter that it was still showing like it was plugged in. So I deleted that device under printers and plugged the plotter back in and another one popped up and uploaded the driver automatically. Goto cut and BOOM. it works. I can go to bed now!!!!