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  1. JJennings

    I Need a SVG File Please

    Thanks everyone for the Help Happy Holidays
  2. JJennings

    I Need a SVG File Please

    I am in search of a SVG File for some CHICKEN FEET if anyone has this that dont mind sharing with me. Please and Thanks in Advance.... Happy Holidays
  3. JJennings

    Sign Blazer Element

    Joker.... It is the Desay XP 380P cutter machine....Please explain what you mean by change back to usb??? Thanks
  4. JJennings

    Sign Blazer Element

    I just downloaded the Sign Blazer Element for my friend on her computer, and she has connected it to her cutter,, but it gave her a message,,,,,, Can Not Open Output Device..... Initializing Cutter..... What do we need to do to correct this problem..... the Sign Blazer software is working Great,, but not getting to the cutter... I am sure it is just a simple click to fix,,, but I cant seem to get it to work... Please Help...
  5. JJennings

    Sign Blazer Element

    I just installed the Sign Blazer Element software on my friends laptop and when she connected it to her cutter,,, it is giving her the message...... Can Not Open Output Device... Initializing Cutter..... Could someone Please help me in solving this for her.... I have the settings set on 9600 and Hardware and COM 1..... Does the Use FIFO need to be checked or not What else could be the problem with my settings... Thanks for any help
  6. JJennings

    Free Vine Monogram Fonts

    Does anyone have the Free link that I can download the Vine Monogram Solid Font ( True Type ) to use with my vinyl projects Thanks in Advance
  7. JJennings

    Need Bowling Ball / Pin SCAL Image

    Thanks Eazy
  8. I need a Bowling Ball / Pin image that I can cut with SCAL program. Any Help is Appreciated... Thanks and Everyone have a Blessed Weekend.... Judy
  9. I need a Bowling Ball / Pin image that I can cut with SCAL program. Any Help is Appreciated... Thanks and Everyone have a Blessed Weekend.... Judy
  10. JJennings


    Thanks for the Bowling Ball / Pins..... Please help with trying to ungroup the 2 different ones.,, I only need one of them and can't seem to get it to only save one for cutting... Thanks for any Help....
  11. I am in need of a SVG image of Bowling Ball / Pins, if anyone has some they would like to share.. Thanks in Advance Judy
  12. JJennings

    Free samples of Siser

    Where do you get the Oracle sample from ? thanks in Advance
  13. JJennings

    Text help with SCALP

    Yes, 30-284 I can get it done the correct way in Corel Draw 12, even Mirrored and Save as an SVG File to Export into my Sure Cuts A Lot software, but now the problem is I can not get it to Import into SCAL and show on my mat ??? Why would it not be there ?? Thanks for all your Help also..
  14. JJennings

    Text help with SCALP

    Yes,,, Mine has the flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal.. but when I do either,, and cut the Heat Transfer Vinyl and weed... the Text is Not turned Correctly to Iron on a Shirt.. the Monogram is backward... Am I doing correct by turning the shiney side face down on my mat to cut.?? I have also tried to do the Monogram in Corel Draw 12 ( I Can get it Mirrored there ) but when I save as... and Export... I cant seem to Import into the Sure Cuts A Lot software.... I am so ready to throw this out the door.... HELP !!!!
  15. JJennings

    Text help with SCALP

    30-284 Thanks for trying to Help me... I have Grouped the Monogram Text and hit the Flip Hortizontal button,,, but it comes out backward,, in other words it is Only flipping the text upside down and not reversing it hortizontal.... WHY is this doing it I am getting so flustrated with this..... but NEED it done..... I have the Version 2 and using the Cricut,, so do you think this is the problem.. and why should it not work the same way Help