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  1. If this is Homemade template flock you are hitting air pockets where your material has not bonded together, when you were trying to create it, and when the blade or rollers hit it it is popping, releasing the air in the empty holes where the adhesive has not cured,to the other carrier, if this is happening you will also not cut through both layers, and most likely the flock part will get stuck in your blade holder as it lifts up .
  2. Is this homemade template flock? Are you putting it on a mat to cut or cutting direct on to paper?
  3. There are some that try to make a rhinestone template material using sign vinyl and a HTV Flock, so that may be what they are trying to do,, pressing a sign vinyl adhesive mateiral does cause terrible vapors that can harm you so just be careful.
  4. I always cut two passes when cutting Flock,just to make sure no lil fiber hang tag is present,
  5. MonkeyMeMe


    Hi, When applying rhinestones you need pressure and heat, to get the glue to adhere to the fabric threads well. To iron it will give a temp hold not a perm hold. My Stones i press at 385 for 20 sec, But first you need to pre press all the moisture out of the shirt and also turn inside out and press the inside shirt,, backside of stones for 7 sec,. If you cannot have all the dots release from your template material you are most likely not cutting deep enough, or you have a hanger, left on each circle. Do a double cut to eliminate that. If you cannot choose a 2 pass, then layer one design on top of itself by Duplicating, dont touch it let it sit , you will get either a 360 cut double cut or it will cut it twice, and most likely take the hanger off,, Also Depending on your software you can set your offset to go past the circle, and cut that lil hanger off, you can use the 45 or the 60 blade, Hope this helped
  6. MonkeyMeMe

    Making rhinestone templates

    I paid around 1400-1800 for my stone cut pro, I do not use it, it sits on the shelf. I use winpsign 2014 and Easystonetemplates macro with Corel 6 the most, Most programs have demos, try them all,,, there are a ton of programs out there,, sew what fits, you!
  7. MonkeyMeMe

    US Cutter MH 871--MK2, Deep Inside Cuts

    I would clean out the blade holder to make sure there is nothing inside the blade holder, keeping it from doing a rotation, i have a MH871 have had it close to 10 years and still works like it did the day i got it, i use it now just for Heat press and sign vinyl ,and use my other cutters for Templates and such.
  8. MonkeyMeMe

    Can Anyone Do Some Rhinestoning For Me

    I am sorry if I came off as spamming that was never my intent.
  9. MonkeyMeMe

    Can Anyone Do Some Rhinestoning For Me

    Can you tell me your name so i can jump to your request,, I do see 2 emails from a Charles one today and one yesterday. Is that you?
  10. MonkeyMeMe

    Can Anyone Do Some Rhinestoning For Me

    I am very much in business, just have not gotten to all my emails yet, working my way through.
  11. MonkeyMeMe

    In search of Allis Chalmers images

    Thank you Sandy Jo
  12. MonkeyMeMe

    Can Anyone Do Some Rhinestoning For Me

    Hi This is Sandy Jo from Rhinestonetemplates, Let me know what you need, the size of stones you want and colors, do you want Transfers ready to press? Sandy jo
  13. I have downloaded a few of you .eps files and wanted to thank you for your post. I'm not very good with this stuff. Its a fun hobby. My nane is scott, I'm from Portland, Me. If you have any .eps files in zip would love to have, THANKS again thank you.

  14. MonkeyMeMe

    T-shirt experiment

    This is a great thread,, I havent even plugged my airbrush in for at least 2 years,, i have a few compressors and a few guns,, I will so have to play ,, MMM