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    Copam Help!! (please :) )

    I don't think i'm smart enough for signblazer I never figured it out lol I will try again though...
  2. xobeckaxo1

    Copam Help!! (please :) )

    So I recently posted about going from an MH to something else I ended up with Copam 3050. I came into the forums read around got it set right cut a good 10 decals turned it off for the night. Come back on today and now it either says it's cutting and it's not doing anything or I have been trying to cut something 15x30 and it's jumbling it (cutting it ontop of what it's already cut) on a 12x12 portion of the vinyl. I slowed down my speed, lowered everything like some forums suggested to get it going that's how I got it running today. Now i'm confused. I run Sure Cuts A Lot Pro never had an issue like this....
  3. xobeckaxo1

    Needing to upgrade...Suggestions

    Unfortunately the MH has given out basically and US Cutter has done all they could do for it. I don't have the money for a Copam and it would be awhile and I need something in the mean time....I do plan by next year being able to buy a Copam but like I said in the meantime I need to get a new machine. I have around $700 i've looked on craigslist I am in the boonies of Oregon in a town of maybe 15k people so it's hard to find anything here or close by here without a 8 hour drive one way...
  4. xobeckaxo1

    Needing to upgrade...Suggestions

    So I bought an MH-871 MK2 a year ago as I was just starting out and not doing a whole lot...I am needing something else now..I still don't have the cash or the customer base for the Copam (I wish I could!) So what would you suggest? I was looking at the TC or LaserPoint I do a lot of letters, numbers, and intricate shapes (people, logos, etc...) Laserpoint says it's a mix of SC and TC but TC says it's the best of the value cutters...What are your suggestions as to the next machine before hopefully being able to buy a Copam...(I also need something around 30inches so if you are price comparing thats the size I would be getting) Thanks