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  1. vicsign

    First Video, PVC cutting

    Ok, I have nothing to say about the case and about "music", you just like a terrorist, and dear banner John, thank you for give me the right here, maybe I am the only one from China mainland, maybe there is some background differences here. the Traditional Dragon Festival is coming. We will enjoy ourselves for 3 days....A great delicious kind of rice to enjoy, and we have the dragon boat matches in many parts of China. If any of you have interested in the festival, I will share the food and the matches on the general discussion part, haha~~Great!!!~~~
  2. vicsign

    First Video, PVC cutting

    Believe me or not, none of my business. To be honest, I dont sell any machines aboard, My wife will do the small business,she love the cartoons and would like to care my son. maybe you are all hard to understand this. you are foreigner, you don't know the life of us.. while I should do my own things, the details I will not tell all of you. I dont want be recognized as the Advertiser. I am here just want to learn more about the machines in case of the wrong operations . I believe all of you have much experience in this,. What a pity, you always sensitive and nervous about a Chinese visitor, which make me surprise and upset. I have never meet such case in the Chinese forum. we talk a lot, we publish what we one will be banned. The truth tell me that only you can post your project. we can only see your video and your website or production descriptions ......... .... Anyway, it is too late today in China. I will go to bed. you made me much sad. I have never image you are like this.
  3. vicsign

    our works, great funny!!!

    Yes, the picture was done by printer, since I just start a new small business here, I printed it by my old printer.. Then cut it. my first job is not success, now the cartoon characters are on the door of my bedroom. My little son smalls and would kiss it when he see it....
  4. vicsign

    our works, great funny!!!

    No. I firstly cut it for my little son. then maybe I will put them near to the kindergarten, and near the primary school.. the cartoons are much welcomed by the children, I think. I just start my small business.
  5. vicsign

    First Video, PVC cutting

    After read the replies, I feel very sad. thank you, Jay2703, though you are stranger for gave me the right to put my video here. for the others, I just want to say,how can you recognized this is a AD? yes, you can put your instrutions here, while, because I am from China, so you think I was put the AD!!!!! It is much unfair!!!! Do you see any Logos in the video??? Am I told you where I bought the Plotter??? Am I put some more information here? i just want to show my big discover of the plotter only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please see all of you!! all of you have the website here, you all have the AD here, while I left nothing!!!!! I also believe all of you are in a same company, because all of you talking about the plotter and signages!!!! Ok, I still remember my motto. keep silent is the best way to win trust.
  6. vicsign

    our works, great funny!!!

    I think I should have a explain. this are 2 cartoon characters..which are much welcomed in China. I downloaded it from the internet....I use my plotter cut the two Cartoon characters for my little lovely son. he is only 2 years old. he likes it very much, and now the cartoon characters are stick on the door.... I feel much satisfied with my plotter.
  7. vicsign

    our works, great funny!!!

    It seems, no one understand the meaning of the carton.....
  8. vicsign

    purchased my screen printing equipment

    you should start by the very begin
  9. I just want to say.........................Enjoy the life

  10. vicsign

    A new week is coming. Enjoy please!

    No one reply me. terrible....
  11. video first. the PVC cutting operation
  12. vicsign

    our works, great funny!!!

    hello. this is our plotters work. taken by low pix mobile phone.
  13. vicsign

    thought i was back

    yes ,you are back ,and warmly welcomed
  14. very bad to hear that, our plotter have no such problem yet, maybe some suggestions can help you. please first, check whether the blade is installed properly. then, debugging the software, including the data.... Hope you can debug it patiently before the engineers reply to you.
  15. Hey, guys, new week is coming. the air is cool, and the felling is great!!!! Happy every day, Enjoy your cutting please. Thanks.