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  1. Dazzel me

    HEXIS White Board Material

    I cant believe I didnt ask this question B4 buying it! WHat a duuuuuf! I am trying all sorts of gloss "slick" vinyl profiles B4 giving up! Thanks
  2. Dazzel me

    HEXIS White Board Material

    Can you PRINT on HEXIS White Board Material? I bought this stuff for a customer THINKING I could but I cannot find a profile for it at all! Thanks for any help!
  3. Dazzel me

    Roland cutting off my cut lines

    Yes...from Toyota themselves. Thank You
  4. Hey there, Weird thing happening! I am printing some Toyota Logos and when it comes time to cut (around each circle), it cuts off my image. Even the "Cut Image Boundaries" cut is off. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks Carmen Toyota Logo_PRINT.pdf
  5. Dazzel me

    Versaworks not seeing cut lines

    So, in my quest to get this figured out, I realized its the gradient that is messing with me. As soon as I delete the gradient I see all the little ants dancing around my image in VW :/ DAZZEL ME is baffled I tried both eps and pdf
  6. Dazzel me

    Versaworks not seeing cut lines

    THANK YOU Mark, my Versaworks only really likes pdfs, but I will try. AN eps is rather large so its taking its sweet time saving! Fingers crossed as I have been trying to find a way to get this done for 2 days Usually I have to flatten everything and as Wildgoose said, sometimes the cut lines need to be on top. Mark I did have the cut lines on my file, they were pink WIll let you know of the eps worked! Thanks
  7. Dazzel me

    Versaworks not seeing cut lines

    Yes Indeed.
  8. Dazzel me

    Versaworks not seeing cut lines

    Oh and....PLEASE AND THANK YOU I am so frazzled at this moment I could scream!
  9. Hi there, This logo I have created doesn't see the cut lines around all the pieces (its going on a vehicle). When I take the graduation away it sees it just fine but as soon as I put the graduation back in versaworks it doesn't see the cut lines. I tried putting the cut lines on a top layer , didn't work. I tried flattening the image, din't work, I tried a whole new document, nope....any advise? Western United Fish.pdf
  10. Dazzel me

    STREAKS of Magenta and yellow

    I looked there as well but found nothing, thought maybe I was wording my SEARCH wrong but I put every possible case scenario in there and came up empty! Soul from USCUTTER is going to do some research on it for me, he and Brandon usually come over when my Machine is sick and fix er all up Thansk Dakota for responding and helping
  11. Dazzel me

    STREAKS of Magenta and yellow

    Thanks Dakota, Roland SP540V
  12. Dazzel me

    STREAKS of Magenta and yellow

    Sorry, Magenta and Cyan!
  13. Hi there Anyone know WHY thin streaks of Magenta and Yellow are going in a versicle direction of the material? I have 2 of the exact same images (18" x 24") side by said and if you are looking at the printer itself, the image on the right side is printing just fine, the image on the left side has the 2 streaks going through it. I recently had a head strike (I know...OUCH), and it was after that, that it started happening. I did a deep clean on the machine as well as took the lids off and swabbed it down then did some test prints and the test prints show all colors in alignment fine! Any idea what it could be?
  14. Dazzel me

    Vinyl "rippling" while in my roland

    SOLUTION.....print with print head on HIGH!
  15. Dazzel me

    Vinyl "rippling" while in my roland

    Thanks Dakota, I do use this stuff for RealEstate signage and yes, its awsome for short runs....I did some wall graphics with it a few years ago in my house here and it's held up pretty good, thats why I dont think I am too concerned about doing such a large print. I will try the vacumm and see what happens!