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  1. James605

    RC Planes and Other Stuff

    Love seeing otheer RC guys on the forums. Ive been racing rc cars/trucks for about 10 years. I wrap A TON of these cars every year. Check out my facebook for a few pics that i posted up...Im thinking about taking it to the air soon. lol Facebook.com/YourCustomGraphics1
  2. James605


    Chad Poole right?
  3. James605

    like us on facebook

    Just started mine. www.facebook.com/yourCustomGraphics1
  4. Can you share that price?
  5. James605

    what DPI do you print at?

    Banners I print at 72-150 DPI. Theres no reason for more. Most banners arent in front of your face anyway and the files would crash most computers if you print at 300dpi. its just overkill. I have one of the largest wrap shops around 2 blocks from my shop and they print at 72 dpi... I maen if im printing pictures or smaller nice prints i will use they best i have or can get but otherwise its overkill most of the time. I just printed a few 4x30 Banners for the hospital and they couldnt have been more excited with them. they were printed in high speed mode at 72 dpi...Up on the side of a building you cant tell. period
  6. James605

    just for Stetson and neron

    You know im just bustin your balls man.lol Give me a call later on...
  7. James605

    just for Stetson and neron

    Jason how in the world did you get them to give you the rights to print that?
  8. James605

    Today's work so far..

    Neron looks good, if i may ask do you use hem tape on all your banners?
  9. James605

    Buyer Beware: jeremySI

    No surprise here...I wasnt going to blast him when he tried to pull the same kind of thing on me about a year ago. He sent me a roll of chrome vinyl to print some decals on. I did as he said and sent it to him. He said he didnt like the color he wanted his money back and money for a new roll of chrome...I refused. Come to find out. he wanted me to do them again, at a differnt size..He did all the sizes wrong...and wanted me to pay for his mistakes... He has been nashing me ever since on here little smart comments. I just ignored it. He asked me about these decals that you have done guest...Looks like he is trying to get you this time.
  10. James605

    Vinyl Scraps

    I burn them... i know i know
  11. James605

    First printed order...

    Then yes that great. theres no way i could get that much around here. Maybe $2 if i were lucky... Get all you can get
  12. James605

    First printed order...

    Are you printing these yourself. Just cheap vinyl and lam?
  13. James605

    Zen Banner Material

    I use powertape and it's one sided and goes a GREAT job. No need to go through the BS of folding over. Powertape is expensive, and you stil dont get a clean edge like if its folded over...I lost jobs over the powertape and never used it again, maybe its just cause people like the folded hem around here... Ultraflexx is expensive too. Have you tried anything else? You could have more money in your pocket i think if you tried other brands...
  14. James605

    rc car question

    I have raced rc cars competitively for years now. Both nitro and electric. I would go with electric since he is that young. Nitro can be a pain sometimes to get the motor tuned right and he maintenece on it... If you are dead set on nitro i would atleast get something you can go down to the local hobby shop and get parts for..IT WILL BREAK... ANything from AE, Traxxas, LOSI, etc should be good... Let me know if you need anything else i can help you out. James