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    Vinyl Express Q Series

    Anyone out there have a Vinyl Express Q series cutter??? I have been conversing with a gal from SignWarehouse regarding buying one in the future.... Here is what I have gotten out of them. My question was IF and HOW similar the VE Q is to the Graphtec cutter... Thank you for your interest in Sign Warehouse! You're right, the Vinyl Express Qe60 and Q Series cutters are comparable to the Graphtec models. The Vinyl Express are manufactured for us by Graphtec and sold under our brand name. There is not a media basket available for the Q Series, if that is an important feature for you I suggest going with the Graphtec brand. Quality is not a concern on any of the models you are looking at. All of the components of the cutters are the same. There are things that are changed when they are OEM products and those are the catch basket on the Q Series, a little less downforce (which doesn't make a difference in material you can cut unless you want to do prismatic or high intensity reflective), and the ARMS (an optional feature on the Qe60, Q24 and Q30). We are able to sell these cutters at reduced prices, compared to the brand name equipment, due to the large volume at which we purchase the equipment and because it is branded under our name, which gives us leniency on pricing. If the components are the same why does the VEQ have less downforce? Obviously SOMETHING changed. Anyone have one and have enough knowledge to compare the 2? Thanks!
  2. vinylmotivations

    Vinylmaster Cut adding weed lines

    I don't know much about vinylmaster cut unfortunately or I'd be more help. If it helps though I've always done as above and added basic shapes around items and lines to make my own weeding lines.
  3. vinylmotivations

    Vinylmaster Cut adding weed lines

    Cutting Master 3 is Free, however, it looks radically different than 2 and 4, also it is not compatible with some versions of Corel and some cutters... I never used it because I hated it. It will work fine on the version of X6 I left on the laptop, but not X3. It works fine with a CE5000- you will have to stay on some older software which will still do a lot of things just fine. Newer software really does not net much when it comes to vectors for cutting. I believe that cutter also had the most current firmware loaded.
  4. vinylmotivations

    What cutter do I need?

    Graphtec does offer some creasing tools for their cutters - an FC8000/8600/9000 would definitely do the job. But even used you're looking at 1500 on the cheapest end, and up.... for a good, newer light use machine 2-3k
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    How to check used Graphtec

    Thank you my friend! We rolled back into DSM after hitting Chicago - about 2am this morning central time loaded with another 54in FC that needs some love. Enjoy and I especially will be here if you need anything.
  6. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    Looking and Vinyl Master Cut is a good option. I also originally started with SignCut Pro which was great but it's gone subscription only. There are several viable Mac options, I do think CorelDraw is great too.... But newer versions are not compatible with the older versions of cutting master.
  7. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    I would still recommend a Graphtec machine if you can source one- There are MANY CE5000 and CE6000 24" machines on the market that would likely do you well. Also an FC7000 or FC8000 would continue to serve you well for a while. A new machine would give you a warranty and support from USCutter which is a bonus but you may fight cut quality on a much lesser cutter. As I said and will only add this once- I do have two machines available - an FC7000-75, as stated above it just does not have an OEM basket, it DOES have a full basket however. It would only need a new cutting strip which I plan on ordering. I also have a CE5000-60 that I bought new at USCutter, I would be willing to let go of. I have honestly avoided selling them since they are such good machines. I am in Des Moines, about 3 1/2 hours south of Minneapolis. The above excluded I can browse what is available in the area for you too tonight, I just went to Wisconsin last Thursday and picked up a new-to-me FC8600-160 which is a beast 64" machine. There is another one south of me I am tempted to also go get in the next week or two if I can get it for the right price.
  8. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    I can either chat back and forth here with you or if you like I can send you my phone/Facebook and we can chat to make it most efficient for you. I have been absent from the forums here for quite a while but have been using Graphtec machines now since 2009/2010 exclusively. @MZ SKEETER has been here longer than me yet and has a lot of good info too. I don't want to see anyone get burned, FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE, I do have a couple of machines for sale- but I don't want to push/peddle those, only make sure you get what you are looking for if I can offer help.
  9. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    My experience with these tells me the boards are very very sensitive to static in all cutters. The FC7000 is a workhorse and will last the long term but that being said, not only is it not supported by Graphtec anymore but they only really offer a few obscure parts and the cutting strips for them Even with that in mind I'm having a hard time letting go of mine (FC7000-75) even though I just picked up an 8600 in a Wisconsin. Do you have a budget in mind and an idea of what you want a cutter to do for you? I ask because I'm in Central Iowa. I can maybe help source something better suited.
  10. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    He doesn't and he wouldn't sell me the rest of the pieces because he thought it would make the whole machine unusable and unsellable.
  11. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    Having talked to him myself, it doesn't sound like he is too willing to do much, which is why I hadn't jumped on it myself for parts to refurb another machine. Now finding out it's been in a garage for 6mos I wouldn't touch it (personally) other than for non-electronic components. @WildCorral where are you located?
  12. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    I would be concerned with that because electronics can corrode with heat/cool cycles that cause condensation.
  13. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    I would parront @MZ SKEETER - it doesn't take much to run- it is your design machine you will want more horsepower on if you want to run inkscape/corel/illustrator etc. I don't suppose if you bought that you would want to part with the basket hardware would you? I had been looking at buying that one just for the basket hardware...
  14. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    It's listed on FB Marketplace at $900... I know I would be concerned if it has been stored in an uncontrolled environment.
  15. vinylmotivations

    How to check used Graphtec

    There is some lubrication necessary, the service manual can be found online for these and it identifies what to lubricate with and where.
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    Air Duct Cleaning of Iowa

    From the album: Vinyl Motivations

    © © 2012 Air Duct Cleaning of Iowa

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    looking for this ball
  18. In several back and forth emails with Craft Edge, We finally have a revision that supports cutting with the built in graphtec driver in SCAL Pro. It requires the cutter be set at HPGL, but it WORKS! Now I have a few issues to work out with it... but it WORKS! 11/7 - The latest revision of SCAL Pro that craft edge sent me seems to be working great on the Graphtec! Cutting, WITH weeding lines. Now to challenge them with contour cutting UPDATED 11/9 - Another small update working with Craft Edge! CE5000 is cutting in HPGL and GPGL modes as well as Contour Cutting in GPGL. Craft Edge is working on contour for HPGL as well as, having gotten an FC7000 machine to cut, fine tuning that as well! I am looking forward to really punching this software into solid use for basic jobs!
  19. vinylmotivations

    LARGE cut for wall

    I know we are getting ready to do a customer's wall above her stairwell.... Will post some pictures when finished, but it will be 13' wide by 9' tall....
  20. I have a laserpoint 24 and it seems to cut great, however sometimes for an inch or five.... it just scratches the vinyl... pressure is good because it cuts completely just fine normally... and after a bit it will continue just fine. Sometimes it will do this for a whole decal too in a set of 5 or 6?
  21. vinylmotivations

    Best application Tape

    I use 4075 RLA, instead of the 4076... I find it to be a little less aggressive for wall vinyls and allows easier release when the graphics are going on a textured wall. Just my .02c
  22. vinylmotivations

    Cobra ink

    I have had one of his printers for 3 years now and the silly thing runs like a champ. I never thought I would love it as much as I do for an inkjet printer. Had some issues with it just a couple weeks ago and emailed Richard- He knew I bought it forever ago and it would be far out of warranty but within 3 emails he had me back up and running! I have a WF1100 and back then he automatically installed the CIS systems- save yourself the headache and pay the 20$ extra or whatever the packing fee is to have it installed from him so it is ready to go out of the box. I believe the comparable model now is an artisan model or this one...
  23. vinylmotivations

    Font Help : Hello.

    Sorry guys normally don't ask for help with this kind of thing here... I am at a show today and need to find this one asap.... Thanks! Matt.
  24. vinylmotivations

    Car outline

    I like the work Eric Schmidt does over at He would do this for you easily and in a matter of a couple hours tops. Email him for a quote and you won't be sorry!
  25. vinylmotivations

    First Lost Package!

    FedEx for me- I had a cutter shipped to me (private sale) and had an endcap destroyed in addition to the question of long-term issues such as being tweaked/accurate etc. They paid for both endcaps to be replaced as the only ones available were of different color (black instead of cream, on my FC7000) and also gave me a couple hours-worth labor for a Graphtec authorised repair center to look at it. It was very easy and all I had to do was send them pictures, I had a check in a week.