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  1. My original cord/hookup is coming loose at the base of my us cutter sc. Looking for a link to a good 9 pin to usb cord. I ordered one already and it wound up being the wrong one. Any help or link to the right one would be awesome. I need at least a 6 foot cord.
  2. LPWash

    Etched Mirror Vs Etched Vinyl

    bottom one looks blasted.
  3. LPWash

    Drop shadow in scal

    You can only do two items at once when doing front minus back or back minus front. You need to group/merge the red layer as one and then your gray top layer as one. Your Letter O's were the issue. So as it sits right now, you have red as one item, your gray as another layer, then the two inner parts of your letter O's made it four pieces. Once your group each color separately, then I like to hold down left click, drag the mouse around your work then object/back minus front (or front minus back), whichever gives you that effect.
  4. LPWash

    How to measure items for vinyl skins

    Step 1. Purchase a tape measure. Step 2. Read tape measure.
  5. LPWash

    HTV unrolling...

    oh you mean the kernels, not yet popped popcorn?
  6. LPWash

    HTV unrolling...

    why the popcorn?
  7. LPWash

    Huge job!

    I like the logo also. Nicely done.
  8. LPWash


  9. LPWash


    Download the font. Extract them into your computer fonts (start, control panel, fonts). Open SCAL. Click on the text box (not the one at the top, but the one where you can choose different ones for your project) Then hit the reload fonts. It's the 3/4 looking circle.
  10. LPWash

    starting into heat pressing shirts

    White, yellow, red, blue will get you started. Most of my cuts aren't any wider then 12" so keep that in mind when ordering your easy weed roll width. The girlfriend purchased a 15'' Gecko press. It's a less expensive one but works flawlessly.
  11. LPWash

    arching text

    I think the reason it doesn't look quite as appealing on your first post is it's not enough letters for the amount of space that you tried to span. I have scal 4 pro and it's much better now to work with the new text features.
  12. LPWash

    pain in the....... But looks good

    I'd love that top file as an svg just to see if my cutter can cut that detail. That's extreme. Nicely done.
  13. LPWash

    Basketball Court Temporary Vinyl

    I'd use 631 as it's used for wall surfaces. Then I'd be very careful removing it with a heat gun keeping it moving non stop so you don't damage the floor finish. I wouldn't worry so much as the slipping part as it's probably going to be done on the middle of the court and not much action happens there. I'd be more worried about the finish coming up during the removal of the vinyl, especially if it's an old floor/finish.
  14. LPWash


    I remember reading that. Was it used to put vinyl on concaved wine glasses (prep for sandblasting) to help keep the vinyl from wrinkling?
  15. Now I don't know, because I don't yet own a laser, but I was told I would be disappointed how a laser doesn't show as well as sandlbast does. But it has to be nice not to weed any vinyl and place on a turntable and laser away. Not sure how the handle would come into effect using a turntable and laser.