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    I just tell people that Serif fonts have "feet", and Sans-Serif doesn't. They pretty much grasp the concept ... then usually want something that custom that kind of falls into it's own category from dafont.com
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    I am of the mindset - if it ain't broke don't fix it ... or the equivalent for upgrading operating systems and/or software. There's a reason why Skeeter still uses an old XP machine If I get my machine to work with a certain software, and it functions with enough features to support what I'm doing, then I leave it be. Though, with the new Windows machine wanting to force upgrades upon machines, that's a tough workaround, because sometimes an unwanted upgrade will break some functionality in certain programs, or no longer wants to support the peripheral devices. It kind of makes me crazy, but thankfully Microsoft will ensure that my IT consulting business will thrive for the foreseeable future.
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    What do you mean it's not. Follow Slices link, click buy now, and bam! Option to upgrade. It's going to cost you $500, don't know why you would think it'd be free. You're not doing a simple patch/update, you're going to a whole never version. Rarely does a software company give you a new version for free.
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    Wildgoose, choosing an appropriate font for a particular 'message' is a gift I happen to have. I did a tow truck a while back, and the Magneto font just seemed right --- the owner of the business was thrilled and put this 'logo' onto his business cards, and website, and facebook, and he got some nice compliments from friends and family. There was another truck, for KHAN BROS. and they're Mid-Easterners (I think from Saudi Arabia) so I chose a font that looked kinda MidEastern-y. I get a lot of trucks because a commercial truck dealership refers buyers to me, for their DOT decals and door lettering!
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    We always suggest not using the USB, as it has a cheap Chinese chipset, Not TRUE USB like higher end cutters. We suggest using the (Tripp-lite Keyspan adapter)that is the brand name and null modem cable with the MH vinyl cutters, Much better data flow and connection. The MH cutter, is about the most inexpensive vinyl cutter out there. We also suggest new buyers purchase at least the SC2, Much better vinyl cutter. More memory, less static problems, better tracking, better connection.
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    I made some progress. I edited the HPGL file to contain a newline (line feed 0x0A) after every semicolon. I.e. instead of this: IN;PU958,4935;PD958,4935;PD915,4932;PD916,4724;PD1001,4724;PD1001,4932; I send this to the plotter: IN; PU958,4935; PD958,4935; PD915,4932; PD916,4724; PD1001,4724; PD1001,4932; And now it plots the path perfectly. I have no idea how or why this works. Line feed characters are supposed to be ignored in HPGL. Maybe this extra (ignored) character introduces just enough delay between commands for the embedded CPU to be ready when the next command comes. So I'm not sure if it's a fault in the plotter but I have an effective work-around. I have done several paper plots and vinyl cuts and it seems 100% reliable now with this hack. I will try to add a feature to inkcut to insert this padding character automatically. I have successfully used other US Cutter plotters with Linux and inkcut before, but with an RS-232 connection, not USB directly into the plotter. I suspect the problem is not really specific to the MH365 but something about how the plotter's USB interface sends data to the CPU.