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    Are you running the latest version of VM? There was a version that had issues with importing SVGs and they would get jumbled up or missing sections. SVG files are not all equal and some programs can't handle the extra information other programs store in them. Two options, that have worked for me export as an EPS then use that, or try saving the SVG file as a flat SVG file.
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    Go, look at the Roland. We aren't there, we cannot evaluate that unit.
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    If the KASA is of similar quality as the MH721 you will be sorely disappointed after having used a Roland in the past. The MH is about as low end as you can get and still be functional. It works, and can teach you a lot about dialing in settings, but it can also be very frustrating.
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    Thanks...I just joined. Appreciate your prompt reply.
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    The problem is your first sentence. "a MH with years of use". They don't track well when they are new and adjusting the roller springs is a black art that once you mess with them it's unlikely you'll ever get them dialed back in correctly. If the problem became worse when you changed blades, do you have the blade depth set correctly and did you follow Mz Skeeter's instructions posted hundreds of times on here? If you did not, how did you set the blade depth?
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    have you tried to save/export your .svg file as an .eps, then impore it into VM? there have been incidents where cutting software doesn't do well with large sized files. you can scale down your graphic is whatever design software that you're using, then import it into VM, and scale to the size you need cut.
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    Logically going again over the cut line doesn't do the job, so you are correct mate, but practically it is possible and I have experienced this. Wherever I have a doubled up cut line, the weeded bit cones off with backing paper in many case leaving an opening in the sheet. And Yes, the blade needs to stick out a fraction more. A good idea is to keep a separate holder with blade already in it especially for that purpose and just swap it in case this type if work needs to be done.
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    G'day Guys. Indeed it is, but if you happen to jave a look at the end result, it is quite worth in many cases. I will give your file a try at the printer guy's shop and will let you know how it goes. He will be back in Australia next month as he is iverseas at the moment. It worked good with my version of the software. And Skeeter, your file worked as well with me. The problem was at the printer's end. Will keep you posted
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    Sounds like you are looking for. How to tile. That is what it is called in most cutting software. Tiling. Look for tile/tiling in your user manual. Your software will break the design down to tiles with an overlap that you decide.
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    I can't speak for VM, but I did so someting like that in SignBlazer. I had two cut lines layered over one another get two passes through two layers of vinyl, and then a single line for a weed box outline. Just be aware that you will need to use a tacky carrier sheet if you plan on cutting all the way through the vinyl and backing.