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    I would replace them anything less than a 1/4. Try again. mark-s
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    OK, I'm getting a feel for why you are unloading this unit. From what you described, it's the software which intimidates/disappoints your spouse. VinylMaster has a fairly steep learning curve for newbies, and although it's full-featured, that unto itself makes it somewhat difficult to grasp the fundamentals. I've stuck with SignBlazer since getting my first cutter a decade ago (back then, USCUTTER still bundled it with their equipment). The cartoon-like interface appealed to me when I started doing this work, and it still does. Perhaps if your wife likes using the SignBlazer program, then she'll want to retain the unit and you don't have to take a loss on it.
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    Good morning, Seattle. A few questions for you ---- what was your wife intending to accomplish with a cutter? When you say it's "too much" are you referring to the overall size? What made you believe your spouse was requiring a cutter at all? Also, there is a section of these Forums dedicated to Buy, Sell, and Trade which would be the logical place to post your offer. Beyond that, try Facebook/Meta marketplace (or Craigslist, if you dare) and make sure the price is right. There are SC2 machines as low as $340 from the USCUTTER warehouse, so your offer to sell should be less than that. I'm thinking around $250 is in the ballpark. You don't mention here, but when advertising, don't forget to mention it comes with a fresh (Unregistered) copy of VinylMasterCUT. I will say one more thing. When someone comes to look at it to buy, they'll want to see it working, not just sitting there with a zip-tie (anyone can zip-tie a broken/malfunctioning unit and say it's 'new' ). In order to provide a live-action demonstration, download and install SignBlazer Elements and choose LiYu as the cutter model, which will get the cutter to respond. Good luck.
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    Hate to say this, Kainth, but what you did there is not very useful, at all, from the standpoint of providing what was requested. .pdf? How is that even cuttable? He wants an SBD file, which I could make in two minutes, but I won't. In fact, I think this poster is just messing around with us, he was here with the exact same 'threepers' militia logo in 2020. For the record, Three Percenters have a track record of criminal activity ranging from weapons violations to terrorist plots and attacks. (according to the ADL, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League). He was given the exact information he needs to do his own cutting file. If he can't manage it, that's his problem, not ours.