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    This was my nightmare but recovered my mess up. customer was still very happy it came out how he wanted, so here you go.. Sorry for the bad pic and wind
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    Was on the hold with support and randomly tried a different USB cord. It's worked right away...really weird that a new USB cable would cause an issue like that, but whatever...it works, problem solved for now.
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    The us cutter ones work much better
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    Wildgoose, After much thought, I think you're right. The Graphtec 24" seems the way to go. It's not like the LPII is going anywhere. I could always use that for the few occasions I need a larger format, or at least until I work through the 30" roles that I have. I've tried to do separate pieces on the LPII before but tracking not being the greatest, it was passable but not perfect. JS
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    I started with the SC as well. I then added a graphtec and a titan 2. The SC was a great price for me to cut my teeth. I did have to spend time with that learning curve to get the most out of the SC and get it dialed in. Once I did it was great. (especially for the price) I then (from reading these forums) learned about the servo motor machines and heard how great graphtec was. I found a good deal on craigs list for a non working graphtec at a great price. I am kind of handy so took a chance. With help from the forum I was able to get it up and running at no additional cost! Bonus! the difference is huge! I then added a Titan, it to has the servo motor but is a lot cheaper than a graphtec. Although the Titan is nice (because of the servo motor) I went back to the graphtec. It is just that much better! I recently parted was with my old trusty SC that started it all but still have the graphtec which gets most of the work but I also still have the Titan. I use it more for thicker items like glitter so I don't have to keep changing settings on one machine.
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    OK, here's a suggestion ---- check the HELP menu and there is an item in there called HotShot Demo (red lips icon). This should open the "PRO" level of SignBlazer which contains most of the "greyed" features. Create text-to-path (instructions in the HELP contents) and then copy-paste into your regular SBE. -- Exporting is disabled in the Demo.