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    Not necessarily vinyl work, but vinyl was used in the process. Constructed 100% from eps foam. Coated with a poly foam coat, and painted with water based paints. Still need to go back in and do some touch up work. Currently working on a 'Tiki Bar' sign... I'll post some of that when I get further along!
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    Its not the worst thing in the world and Im sure BannerJohn and whoever else run this forum are plenty of busy. But A good amount of the stickies that lead to outside links especially in the vinyl section lead to dead links or non working videos. I know when I first joined the forum not to long ago, I went through almost every sticky and it was kind of a let down to know that they all had no use anymore. I would even be willing to help out by going through all of them. Just a suggestion and thanks again for the great forum Brandon
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    see if these work for you, I converted them in Flexi 10, 'cause all I have is CS2,,,,HOTROD.aiLive to die.aiAURORA_TOWING.ai
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    Pitkin I love the rack setup!! That is a very good idea. I've been checking out the different ways everyone has theirs and I like that one a lot!!! You could unroll what you need, cut it off and be done with it!!