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    cats *^%&^%$^%$$^ printer %^&$^#$%$#

    Time for a positive air pressure system and clean room for the printer room. I wonder how the IRS would like that tax deduction.
  2. bamafan2277

    Shipping costs

    I live just across the river from Louisville. I've had a package go from Nashville, to Louisville, to Indianapolis to Louisville then out for delivery with UPS. Then I had a DVD I ordered go from less than 3 blocks from me to IL, then Hebron, KY which is near Cincy and back to Louisville. Took 3 weeks through USPS. If I would have known the place shipping it was 3 blocks away I would have walked there and picked it up.
  3. bamafan2277

    Computer/Networking help

    Another cheap option is Google Drive. You can install it on all your PC's and save your files to the drive and it will sync with the cloud and you can access your files from any pc
  4. bamafan2277

    Computer/Networking help

    I bought a Netgear router with Readyshare on it. It has a USB port I plug my portable hard drive up to and can access from any PC on my network. This is the router I have.
  5. bamafan2277

    Im from kentucky

    Welcome from Indiana! What part of KY are you in?
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    Customer wanting political signs

    At that price it would be better to tell the family member to order them online. It will save you a relationship with your family member and you a ton of stress!
  7. bamafan2277

    Frog Juice

    It will knock you up pretty quick if you don't have good ventilation!
  8. bamafan2277

    Cutting and layering multiple decals at a time

    Sub it out to be printed and contour cut? Then you could have them ship the prints rolled to you to weed out the white centers if you want.
  9. Paint has a hard time sticking to glass. If you wait till the paint drys to try and remove your stencil it will probably pull the paint with it. Try removing your stencil as soon as you finish with it while the paint is still wet. Also look into special glass paint that will stick to the glass better.
  10. bamafan2277

    Rolling a banner

    Prices depend on the local area too. $3-$4 is reasonable after you consider your time and labor also. My minimum charge for a basic already vectored decal is $5 for up to 5"x5".
  11. bamafan2277

    New shirt design

    Unfortunately most customers dont know what you mean when you say vinyl decal. I run into that a lot around here. As soon as I tell them it's a sticker they get the point!
  12. bamafan2277

    Ironing Board Material

    I feel sorry for you. Most women remember a ton of stuff. But her she will hold every thing you even think in her memory for ammo against ya! lol
  13. bamafan2277

    Best font for web addresses

    I use a adjustable neck desk lamp when I am weeding and put the light at a angle to the vinyl and all my cut lines show up great! Next best thing would be to have a light table to weed on.
  14. bamafan2277

    Electroluminescent Vinyl

    I have played with the EL wire before. It's pretty cool stuff.
  15. I have a friend who works for a company called Everything But The House. They are a online estate sale company. They have approx 25 locations right now and will have another 20-25 next year. I was originally asked back in March to make their company logo into a decal for Macbook's so that it would fit over the apple symbol. Their logo is a antique key hole cover. He ordered 2 to start with. Then the president of the company saw his and wanted one for every computer at the company so he came back and ordered 100 then 250 then another 100 last weekend. They are so easy to weed and prep I charge $1 each for them. Then last week he asked me if I could do 25 door signs for them. Basic lettering and their logo. 20" x 10". Being a easy job and repeat customer I charged them $20 each for the door logos. My work will be going all across the country which feels great! I've got like $45 in materials for this last order that was $600! That job alone just paid for 1/2 my Graphtec! By early next year they will be ordering more stuff that will pay off the Graptech in just their jobs!
  16. Is it actually cutting when you send a job? When I got mine I didn't have the blade holder snapped all the way in so it wasn't cutting but did make a loud slamming noise until I got it properly seated.
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    Crackhead of the Day

    I saw a craigslist add selling a Signwarehouse rebranded redsail that was $300 in a whole kit for $500. I just had to laugh and feel bad for the person who didn't do their research.
  18. bamafan2277

    Mugs.... HELP!!!

    It looks like one of 2 things. The press is not putting even pressure or even temperature on the upper half. Does the press have 2 screws to adjust the pressure? If so try just adjusting the one for the top a bit tighter. If that dont help it could be the heating element is starting to go.
  19. If your budget will support getting the Graphtec I would recommend going that way. Start with the best and you will have much less headaches! Also get a clean cut blade as they are far superior over any other blades.
  20. I may be able to find use for 4-6 of them. Shoot me a PM with price details
  21. bamafan2277

    Ghosting images from old vinyl

    I'm more of a fan of the music group Alabama than the football team.
  22. bamafan2277

    Ghosting images from old vinyl

    Sounds like there is some old glue left on the glass. They should try cleaning the glass with rubbing alchol or a adhesive remover and a razor blade to get all the old glue off.
  23. bamafan2277

    Need Help with First Purchase

    Start with a Graphtec machine. Like you expereinced with your embroidery machines you need to get the best you possibly can. A 24" graphtech will probably support you for quite a while with very few headaches.
  24. bamafan2277

    Cheap tote Source?

    Sanmar is definately good to deal with. I am going to be using them again soon. I just got my biz license again and getting set back up with Sanmar. Those totes could be big sellers for halloween too!
  25. bamafan2277

    First time placeing decals on a tail gate.

    I like that layout! Thanks for your service!