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Sara Gallagher

White Vinly Turned Yellow

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4 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

probably dye migration - what brand was it? 

I agree with Dakota...

Years ago one of my first heat press t-shirts was for Halloween.

I made a great bright orange pumpkin design on a  black looked great........until the next day the orange had turned rust color. 

The shirt was 100% polyester.  The vinyl was an unknown manufacturer.

I still have that shirt hanging up to remind me to check the material content and the vinyl.


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Most HTV that will block migration are thick and stiff. Some are in the middle and handle migration pretty good without sacrificing "hand" which is what we call the feel of the product on the shirt. Siser Easyweed is about as good a middle road that does a pretty good job at not migrating too badly. Most problems come when trying to use white or a very light color on sublimated blue, red, orange etc.... You can also work around it sometimes. Like if you have a white number with a dark outline second color you might stack the two colors so that background creates a color block from the white top color. Most times when I build two colors I put the center color in and actually have the background be an outline only that goes over the top. When doing this it's best to leave some bleed (overlap) where the outline can cover the edges of the inner color because everything shrinks and does weird things when it gets hot. It produces a better hand not being truly layered but if fighting dye migration then the stacked method might be a way to combat this.

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