Signcut pro 2 configuration with MH365

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Hi, I would like to install the signcut pro 2 software, I downloaded the demo, but I can't find my MH-365 cutting plotter. How can I configure it, is it compatible with this version? How do I solve it? Thank you

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Therese at SignCut here. I just want to check in and let you know that a new website has been launched. I hope you find information easier on this website then the old one.

@gpau, did you manage to set your cutter up with SignCut? If not please visit our livechat and we can help you through a remote session.

@Wildgoose. In the image you can see two ways to contact us on our website. If you don't find them there are other ways for example sending an email at or if you prefer visit our Facebook and send us a message there and a support request is also created.


Have a good day all of you.



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