Cutting program help please !

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Hello , my pc died the other week and the plan was to put my hard drive into a new pc , but I am having a nightmare to find correct parts wires etc to do this , so I want to set up my plotter from fresh , I was using a basic program which I liked , illustrator 8.0 , I have been trying to install the vinyl plotter disk that came with the machine but don’t know what I am ment to be installing from the disk , I have a graphtec CE3000-120 . What steps should I be taking to set everything up again ? Thankyou in advance 



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I am assuming you were using the Graphtec plug-in for Illustrator "Cutting Master" to run your cutter? Do you still have an install disc for the Illustrator 8? That's a pretty old version of AI but totally capable. You should be able to go to the Graphtec website and download the correct plug-in. Probably the older version than the latest. I am not a Graphtec user so I don't know the details on those but I am aware that they exist. 

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